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Welp I guess I should put my two cents in about some boardgame
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:50:46 pm »

Well this friday September 16th.  A group of us (feel free to drop by and play with us, or pull out another boardgame)  decided to play something I panicbought.
 Fury of Dracula 3rd. 
IP held by Games Workshop.  Published by Fantasy Flight Games.

I'll link the jujubix post (with their permission) when juju finishes the write up.

Very simple deduction/hide and go seek game. 

One Players plays Dracula, and runs around setting traps and plotting.

The other players, up to 4) play the hunters.  If less than 4 players people will double up on hunters.

The turns are split into "hunter day" "hunter night" then Dracula's turn.  The only real difference between "hunter day" and "hunter night" is hunter day allows:  1) movement between cities.  2) when drawing an item card you draw off the top of the events deck. Any dracula events are discarded.  3) hunter night, if you draw an Item card, you draw off the bottom of the event deck and if it is a Dracula event, it gets given to dracula.

First couple rounds was pretty uneventful, as we were trying to get a grasp of what is important.  Where should we generally move to.  Please note, we were playing the starting (never played the game) set up.   Other plays will be with hunters choosing where they start.

We hit a lucky break when Mina Harker, got hold of a newspaper and found out that Dracula started in Lisbon Spain.   Luckly the good doctor was pretty close.  The rest of us got on some horses and trains to travel the breath of Europe to trap Dracula.

We found a maturing nest of vampires and "took care of them"  thus denying Dracula 4 of the 13 points he would need to win.

In Bordoux, France  Mina Harker and Dracula had a chance meeting.   

 Combat in this game is done very rock paper scissors and lazer Sword.   There are symbols on the side of the card corresponding to different elements.  If Dracula plays a card that has a bite, and you played a card that doesn't have a bite.  Dracula's attack hits.  If you did play a card with a bite symbol. Then you blocked Dracula's attack.  Vice Versa for player cards vs Dracula.

Back to the chance meeting between Mina Harker and Dracula.   it was a pitch battle of banter, in the mists of a foggy town (we later looked back and think that we played the ambush wrong.) and garlic.  In the end Mina Harker barely escapes with her life.  If she had died, Dracula would have gained 2 points, thus bringing his total point count to 2 instead of the Zero he currently had.   We were hot on his trail. He could have only gotten so far from Bordoux.   This is when a bunch of reckless vampires matured and netted Dracula 4 points.    As the good Doctor continued his search of Spain, to ensure Dracula had a rougher time of attempting to double back.  Dracula set loose mobs and frenzied mobs upon him.  The good Doctor was quite injured due to the mobs.

Dracula decides to attack the good Doctor.  At this point one week had past, so there is one despair token on the board, at three despair tokens, Dracula can just gain points by farting in the wind.  The good Doctor is worth 3 points if he is taken out.  Another pitch battle ensues.  Blow for blow, Dracula and the Doctor fought.  Punches, claws, Fangs.  oh my.  In the end.  Dracula stood proudly as he won three points (bringing Dracula's total points to 7), and sending the good Doctor to Madrid's hospital to recover.  Still Dracula had six points of damage on him.  (at 15 points of damage, Dracula dies and Hunters win). The problem is.  He is trapped in Spain.   Only escape is by Sea!  (jumping into the Sea deals two damage to Dracula and one additional damage for every turn he remains in the seas) 

Fog hinders our seafaring hunter as Dracula takes damage from being at sea.   The hunters start plotting his route.  Was Dracula crazy enough to land on Ireland?  Did he go the safer route and go to Normandy.   Nay the Hunters decided.  Dracula was heading for his castle.  In his castle, Dracula could heal five points of damage.  That would ensure the Hunters could not kill him before his nefarious plots matured.    The Hunters positioned themselves as best they can.  Then Dracula landed. 

The Hunters waited with baited breath.  If Dracula went by Sea, the Hunters would know he went south and the race would be on to get to block Dracula.  If Dracula put another land card, then we would have a less narrow search path.   Dracula goes by SEA!

The Hunters start rushing.  Two take the railways to take them deep into Eastern Europe.  Mina Harker slowly travels along the rails to take her towards Venice.  The good Doctor takes to the sea to ensure that Dracula didn't leave a nest behind.  Sadly one of Dracula's plots matures, he gains 4 points.  (total is now Dracula has 11/13 points needed to win)   Good Doctor takes care of a nest on the island of Sicilly. (if it matured Dracula would have won)  (also note we have 2 despair tokens. remember at 3, dracula gets to fart points) Wednesday of the last week, the Hunters talk.  They are pretty sure of the trail.  They have narrowed where could Dracula go to.  The question is do they dare. 

Unexpectedly Van Helsing walks into his old foe.  Pitch battle ensues.   With the "death" of Van Hellsing, Dracula can secure 3 points for the win.  The remaining Hunters sat there, watching Van Hellsing dodge, only to be tagged with something else.  Van Hellsing was at death's door.  When a miracle happens, and Van Hellsing barely escapes with his life.  Still Valuable information.   

Sunday.  the Hunters corner Dracula.  A heroic Leap was preformed.   The hunter takes 5 damage, Dracula takes 5 damage.  Thus the world was saved.  Dracula is defeated.

Overall, Pretty good game.  Very thematic.  really close for both sides.  As a hunter I never felt I was out of the game.  In talking to the Dracula player, even when Dracula was hemmed in.  They didn't feel they were out of the game. 

I do highly recommend playing it. 
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