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Saturday 1300 Shadowrun
« on: August 04, 2016, 02:24:23 pm »
 Hey buddy,

I hear you are looking for work.   I know a couple of guys who could use some spare muscle.  Clean creds, dont worry we are working in a D class neighbourhood.   Nothing can go wrong.   

Are you the type of play who wants to play in the Near Future.  The 4th world, where magic and science collides.  There are the haves and the have-nots.   You are a hungry young runner.  You run for creds, political statements, to tear down the Corporate Overlords that are stiffling everyone.   Everyone includes Orks, Humans, Elves.   

The 1300 Saturday group has decided to play Shadowrun.  Set in a world that blends technology and reawakened magic.  The divide between the rich and the poor has never been greater.  There are no nations, there are only the Corporations.    You are  a Runner.  Mr Johnson gets you work.  You plan your run.  You run and you pray you get out in one piece.   

If you are a fan of Dystopian Cyberpunk.  William Gibson's Neuromancer,  Johnny Menomic, Ghost in the Shell,  Ocean's 11.  The Town.  Four Brothers.   Then Shadowrun might be the type of game you should check out.

One Last rule of Shadowrun.  Always be Running.

Gur000 out.

NB:  GMs and systems will change with in the same play group.  They will trundle onwards. 
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Re: Saturday 1300 Shadowrun
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 03:02:29 am »
So, someone convinced me that I might as well put together a summary of each Run. Seems like fun, so why not?

Heist objective: Forced Extraction of target. If unable to extract, kill and retrieve head. If unable to retrieve head, destroy head, along with the Commlink. Pay is 50,000 NuYen upfront, with bonuses depending on successful extraction and targets survival.  6 days to complete this task.

Legwork: Saint, the Elf Face, brings together the group. Reisen the Elf Soldier, Boxer the Troll Brawler, Torbjorn the Dwarf Decker, and a human Street Samurai named Blades. To begin, Boxer used his knowledge of the Seattle Area to provide information about the gated community the target lived in. This included the security systems, how they handled intruders, their general opinion on non-humans, and so on. Saint ran Astral recon on the gated community, trying to detect magical defenses, finding none. Reisen did reality recon, peering into the community from afar. Torbjorn did a matrix recon of the targets house, getting a general idea of his habits. Blades tried using his Japanese Mafia contacts to get more information, but didn't find anything tangible about the target. Boxer used his Russian Mafia contacts to acquire Rating 6 Tranquilizer Pads, in case they were necessary for subduing the target.

The group formed a plan of attack. Since the target never left their house, preferring to order Thai take-out all the time, two members of the group would pose as delivery members to infiltrate the compound. This necessitated a Jackrabbit car rental by Torbjorn, and Saint forging a few fake delivery IDs.

The Run: Torbjorn and Blades stayed parked outside the community, ready to intervene if things became hot. Reisen provided a pair of eyes. Saint and Boxer were doing the fake delivery, with Saint summoning an air spirit beforehand. Torbjorn hacked into the targets system and sent a fake delivery request. This way, the guards would see the request and allow the delivery car in. However, since the  switched attention from the targets system to the cameras for a bit, he missed the target making an actual delivery request. As a result, when Saint and Boxer pulled up with delivery, they were immediately followed by an actual delivery car. At the same time, Torbjorn  was running into issues; due to a glitch, he ran into the system administrator for the entire community network, alerting them that something was up. After spending time trying to hide, the Decker quickly deleted the second delivery from the guard files, preventing the second truck from passing through the gates.

Arriving at the targets house, Saint and Boxer brought a duffel bag filled with empty takeout boxes to the targets door. After entering the house under the pretense of dropping the boxes off, Saint distracted the target while Boxer moved into the house before clocking the target on the back of the head, holding back to subdue him. The now unconscious target was stuffed into the duffel bag, and put into the delivery car trunk before the two moved to leave the compound. However, it was at this point that the guards tried contacting the target. Torbjorn  tried intercepting the call and imitating the target, but failed, resulting in the guards setting up barricades and taking out weapons. To avoid being detected, Saint had the previously summoned air spirit conceal the car, trying very hard not to run into anyone with the now concealed car. After a very tense moment, where the delivery car was getting close to the still barricaded gate, Torbjorn managed to lower the gate, just in time for the car to pass through. Along the way, however, the car clipped a guard, though the guard survived. With the target secure and everyone out, the target was transferred to the Torbjorn's van, and taken to the dropoff point.

After Run details: Dropoff was done, though oddly the client didn't request to see the targets face. Additionally, an armed drone was positioned above the delivery site, though it did nothing. The group found a ring on the body, which they eventually identified as belonging to a humanist organization. Not long after, the targets house was destroyed, with Saint and Boxer being suspects due to their entry into the community without ever exiting, according to the guard database. An additional 20,000 Nuyen was paid for the target being alive, with each member getting a 13,900 cut after all expenses.

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Re: Saturday 1300 Shadowrun
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2016, 09:44:29 pm »
Brief reminder: SR cancelled Saturday the 8th for Thanksgiving long weekend.