Author Topic: "Everyone Was Jane" - a campaign idea  (Read 1103 times)


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"Everyone Was Jane" - a campaign idea
« on: August 01, 2016, 12:14:21 am »
What if everyone played a character with the exact same background, because it used to be the same person?

This is the idea behind "Everyone was Jane".  You start wtih 20 year old Jane Smith, who goes through a quantum portal and returns a second later, Earth-time. . .

But not only has Jane spent years or decades in another dimension, the quantum portal divided Jane into different people and sent each one into a different dimension.

In game mechanics terms, each player would be given the "basic" Jane Smith character sheet (a normal 20 year old human) with a normal background (family, friends, boss, etc.), and then that player gets to describe what world "their" Jane went to, and what powers "their" Jane got (so gets to add on to that "basic" Jane Smith character).

Sorta existential, sorta supers, with a thematic nod to Orphan Black (only the point of divergence is at age 20 rather than at the zygote stage).

Feel free to steal this campaign idea, btw.  I am curious at to what people think of it, though.
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