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Title: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on February 15, 2010, 07:45:46 pm
7th Sea:

Big Boris Veronika

Ussuran - Resolve 4, all other traits 3 (80 HP), arcana: willful (virtue) (10 HP), advantages: large (5 HP), toughness (3 HP), skill: heavy weapon (attack 1, parry 1) (2 HP), language: Ussuran (no r/w).

Why I probably won't get to play it: a) With the supplements out the rules favour a random draw of virtue/flaw rather than player's choice.  b) Some players getting annoyed at my lack of a common language.  Ironically (for the former at least) players were allowed to select their virtues before the nation supplements came out, so if we were only using the core books this character would be possible.  For the latter . . . I would learn another language eventually, but would meanwhile relish the comedy where I spout off my best fake nonsense Russian. :)
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 01, 2010, 09:34:28 am
This is becoming a storehouse for chargen ideas.  Anyhow, I might play this other 7th Sea character someday: There are 4 weather runes in the vesten magic system.  Add in the weather-themed rune that lets you throw lightning around and you have a cool concept.  I am thinking someone with spy, sailor, skald, etc., maybe a noble, who travels the world to spread the tales of the Vesten (since the knowledge of the names is shrinking in Vendel, it should be grown elsewhere).  But gods dropping 40% of your starting points on magic does leave one feeble at chargen, so this is likely a long-term plan.  And with my luck everyone else would want to play Vendel merchants vs. vesten pirates.  :)

Vesten weather mage

Sailor, Skald, Spy, Streetwise 8

Athlete, Knife 4

Sorcery (full) - Laerdom (intensity 3, calm 1, Lightning 3) 40
Jarl 4
R/W Vendel 1
Language, Other (0-?)
Legendary Resolve 3

some into traits.  Leftovers - languages? able drinker?  knack improvement?


Another option, just accept the low traits for now and go for full vesten mage *and* sympathetic healer *and* skilled noble. 

40 - vesten magic (3 intensity, 3 calm, 1 lightning)
20 - sympathetic healer magic

14 - sailor, skald, spy, streetwise, athlete, dirty fighting, heavy weapon, knife, ride, wrestling. 
4 - academy.
5 - noble
1 - able drinker

8 - speak all 7 major languages (and r/w avalon, eisen, vendel and vodacce) via a Handels accent and linguist

8 - 1 trait boost (wits or resolve (whichever one I don't get via Vesten boost)).

Stats: 2 resolve, 2 wits, 1 brawn, 1 panache, 1 finesse.


Latest version of the idea (raised in Kirk as a Vendel but developed talent for magic (which pleased her vendel merchant family, as they thought it would be useful) but secretly visited her aunt, a skald - eventually she could not choose between the sides of her family and so became a sailor to see the world and try to find a "Third Way" of being both a good Vendel and a good Vestenmannavnjar while developing her magical talents and skald abilities):

40 Laerdom (Calm "Stans" 3, Intensity (Nod) 3, Lightning (Fury) (Vilskap)1)
12 (sailor, skald, streetwise (Kirkjubaejarklauster), athlete, ride, wrestling) (the other skills, while nice, seem to be more for a darker concept than I want to embody in this character, so nix to dirty fighting, spy, criminal, etc.)
2 specialties: Fishing, Attack (knife) (I don't need parry if I have footwork, and I can't use parry anyhow if I need to use the other knacks).
3 legendary resolve
1 able drinker
2 linguist
8 speak all 7 major languages, plus crescent.  r/w vendel, avalon, eisen.
32 4 traits up (probably +2 panache, +2 resolve).


Core modification (Hey, sometimes I like to just go for the Core book without using supplements)

No skald skill (not core)
Replace streetwise skill with street navigation specialty.

Now I have 3 points freed up.  Not sure what I would spend them on.  Maybe bump Balance and Climbing up to 3 each, to up my awesome sailor acrobat cred.  :)

No virtue, no hubris.  Backgrounds as determined by random rune roll (I will likely get 1 or 2 of them).

Starting equipment, knife, clothes.  Either 3 months sailor's pay or 1d10 guilders (exploding), GM's call.


Modifying the vesten weather mage yet again!

40 points sorcery (3 stormy, 3 calm, 1 lightning)
5 points noble
5 points foul weather jack (1st 4 point background, amnesia (doesn't know he is a noble or a weather mage).
4 points academy
4 points university (or whatever you call the civil equivalent to academy)
10 points skills (streetwise, sailor, criminal, spy, knife, heavy weapon, wrestling, dirty fighting, pugilism, ride).
32 points traits (bring everything up to 2).

Only speaks Vesten and maybe (with the right accent) either Eisen or Avalon, but he can pick up what he needs through exposure later.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 02, 2010, 09:05:15 pm
Damn, I looked in the vendel/vesten book and an /npc vendel is sorta doing what I was doing (well almost - the npc gathers stories and my character would be disseminating them.  Hmmm, maybe there is room for both - or even some kind of partnership.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 08, 2010, 12:56:30 am
Switching systems there is Anima, a beautiful, deadly, quirky, somewhat clunky but very lovable rpg.  I some ways it reminds me of 1st ed AD&D.

So lets make a fighter.  Stats are rolled.  Hang on while I find a dice roller online [ http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm ]: 9, 9, 9, 8, 5, 5, 9, 8 (high but I did get to reroll 1, 2, and 3).  Appearance: 5  This is an amazing character.  Wish I could roll this well when actually making one.  Ok, by this method of chargen I can change the lowest score to a 9(!).  So really, an embarrassment of riches.  str, agility, dex, con, willpower 9, perception, power 8, intelligence 5.  (btw, 5 is average, 10 is maximum for humans - 8s and 9s are sweeeeeeeet)

Wealth roll: 9.  I am comfortable (upper class, even!) with 20 gc!  Mind you, this is the only game I know that prices out underwear . . .

Half my 600 points will go into attack and block (slightly more into attack so I have the option of an extra axe attack).  Fighter should be good at fighting.

class: Weaponmaster - freebie proficincy - battle axe.  I will pay for shield prof. too (10 points for my class).  And I will buy the martial art Tae Kwon Do (50 points - expensive but worth it).  You know those cool fight scenes where a guy plows you with an axe, blocks your blow with a shield, and kicks you in the teeth?  This is the martial art that lets you do that - the only one that combines with weapon use.

Freebie secondary skill bonus - Withstand Pain (+10).  As for paid skills I don't see this as a skill kind of guy so it is not so much what I want to be good at as what I don't want to suck at: Jump, Climb, Athleticism, Notice, Feats of Strength, Withstand Pain (so the 1st 4 end up at 15, feats of str 20, and withstand pain at 25).  He is a merc. soldier, so not too bad.  That costs 50 points.

I will avoid the cheese (my stats are really too good to justify cheesing out) and stick with human as my race.

That said, I should look at the advantages and disadvantages.  I had already decided he would be stupid, so dropping int to 3 from 5 makes sense.  I won't take other disadvantages so that gives me 4 advantage points.  I hate fumbles, so will take good luck to cut the chances of them by 1/3rd (from 3% to 2% - with my dice rolling it matters!).  Battle-ax and shield is a slow combo. quick reflexes will somewhat mitigate that by almost half.  And I will buy two points of exceptional physical resistance, making him very very hard to poison, infect with disease, or cripple with damage.  There are many more juicy advantages, but I will stop there.

The other 190 points go into more hit points . . . a lot more.  My hit points are base 120 + class 20 + (19 x 9) = 311 (awesome meat shield - er - fighter!)

Ok, lets go shopping.  I get one weapon for free and that will be the shield.  The Battle Axe costs 15 GC.  As for armour/clothing . . . lets go for fur . . . and I am out of money.  Damn that was quick.  Apparently my character's motivation is to find a job before he starves to death.  :)  And I guess the horned helmet will have to wait.  :)  In theory I can earn 1 gc/day as a decent merc (whew!).  encumbrance is 11 lbs, so I can carry 209 lbs more without penalty, so no prob. 

Initiative: when using axe (-30) and shield (-25), his +5 class bonus, +25 bought advantage, and agi/dex bonuses of +10 each and the base +20 land me at a net +15.  Sweet!  Saves are 40 for magic/psionics and 90 for the physical stuff.  I want to be 6'0" and 200 lbs, and I just fit the low end of that on the size table given my str and con. 

Wear armour 20.  So no penalty for the fur.

attack/block 100/100 (shield factored in and besides, this keeps the math easyish).  Move 105 feet (1/4 of that if I don't want to go all out and use an active action).  Note attack with additional kick is at -20, and if I go for 2 attacks then all attacks (including the kick) lose 25 more (so -45 on the kick).  Also, I could do 3 actions a round but at -25 on the second action and -50 on the third, so if all my attacks are in my 3rd action and I do 2 axe attacks and kick then, my attacks would net at 25/25/5 (kick).  Possibly not worth it given the counterattack rules.  :)

Damage 80 (axe) or 30 (kick).  Nice, and I can hold my own in a bar brawl, or if I throw or lose the axe.[edit: I would have to buy the throw prof. to throw the axe.  Jeez this game is point hungry - so forget it - I won't throw the axe, at least not at 1st level - unless the bad translation merely means I just can't use the aim ability when throwing the axe . . . ].

regeneration 2.  (in this game non-magical healing is pretty slow)

Martial Knowledge 20, so I would have to be level 4 before getting a crack at ki powers.  Fine by me - I am just doing a fighter here, nothing fancy needed. 

For campaigns where it is relevant - Dark "god" probably Noah - fits fighters well.  As for my light "god" - not sure.  Kinda like Uriel the freedom guy, but that might make me a bad Merc.  :)

As for char advancement, barring the need for a particular skill or proficiency (which will be bought instead of more life points, if nec.) I will keep increasing attack, block and hit points, putting the freebie skill bonus into withstand pain.  Ability increases would go first to changing 9s to 10s in dex, str, con and willpower.  That takes the character to level9 which is very high in this game, so that is a good place to stop planning (actually by that level martial knowledge might be high enough to get inhuman, so I could keep increasing those 4 stats).  life points, init, martial knowledge, attack, block and feats of str all get bonuses every level).
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Espie on March 08, 2010, 07:59:52 am
Yeah I can see this working in Anima, heh.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 09, 2010, 03:26:19 pm
Hmmmm, using the method 5 point buy method (not in the core book, but possibly on the dm screen) I think I can still do the character.  I would have to reduce perception, power and agility to 5, and will power to 8.  str, dex and con would remain 9.  Appearance and wealth still rolled.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 11, 2010, 03:25:21 pm
Waitasec, if I use Tae Kwon Do as my first weapon it costs only 25 dp instead of 50, and I can buy battleaxe proficiency for 10.  That gives me 15 more points!  I think I will put 5 into the Composure skill to make it 15 (what the heck, it is cheap and might come in handy) and buy 9 more life points (bringing it up to 318).

Always tricky, these varying cost point buy systems.   :)

Oh, name: Kal.  Probably hails from the not-so-nice land of Dwanholf.  Speaks Latin, doesn't read.

Y'know, there is no cost listed for helmets.  I think I could justify a Casque or Leather Hood (hopefully the former so as to be able to add Viking style horns).  :)

I have looked online and found that real Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets.  Fie on such cruel truths!  I want the horned helmet!  :)
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on March 12, 2010, 01:53:37 pm
Anotner old school idea, tied to 1st edition AD&D: The assassin cum illusionist.  Human (has to be) and with str 15, int 17, dex 17 minimum (so unlikely on chargen methods allowed in 1st ed) needed to pull off.  The idea is to get to 13th level as an assassin (gets pretty good hp at 13d6 (many classes stop gaining hit dice earlier) and by stopping here I don't have to fight/assassinate my boss to get to the 14th level).  Then the character goes deep cover as an illusionist's apprentice and later illusionist starting again at level 1 (except for the hit points - good to have for a beginning illusionist) and working my way up to level 14, at which point I both gain the highest level of illusionist spells available and can use the assassin abilities again (which includes most thief abilities as if 11th level, x5 backstab, set traps as if 15th level, the third best chance to assassinate, etc.).  And the illusionist spells would help here as well.

So aside from the impossibly high stats needed, the fact that no one is running a long term first ed (or OSRIC) game, the usual DM prohibitions against evil characters in general and assassins in particular, and the length of time needed to get to the second class, I see nothing wrong with this plan.  :)
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on May 09, 2010, 02:46:17 pm
I just found my copy of GURPS Magic, 3rd ed.  Love Kirk Reinert's cover art of the old wizard on it!

Hmmm . . . I do like illusionists, and their creation spells were fun.

OK, lets go for it.  Using the basic book, compendium I (for the extra fatigue and weirdness magnet), and of course GURPS Magic.  All 3rd edition.  To stop infinite point sinks I will limit all skills, spells, and primary and secondary stats (like fatigue) to a 20 maximum.

IQ 17 (of which I pay for 16), all physical stats 8 (a weedy little guy)
Half-Elf (gets me longetivity, Magery 1, +1 IQ (this brings it to 17)
Eidetic Memory level 2.
one-college magery 2 and 3 (so I can't have spells outside creation and illusion that require magery 2 as a prereq., but I can have spells outside the college that require magery 1.  This is important, as some of the prerequisite spells for creation/illusion spells are not in that college and require magery).
Extra Fatigue 12 (so I get a total of 20 fatigue to power the spells with).

5 quirks TBA.
Overconfident, Impulsive, Weirdness Magnet.

Spells: All in the GURPS Magic 3rd ed book in the creation and illusion section (15 spells) + some earth spells, water spells and a sound spell that are prereqs, + lend ST and recover ST.  Most are mental/hard but one (create object) is mental/very hard, so it will get 2 points instead of 1.  This puts all the spells I know at skill level 20 for those in the creation/illusion college, and 18 for those outside of it (except for recover ST, which is also at 20).  That gives me a pretty good range.  I can make illusions, or disguises, or create temporary servants, warriors, small animals or objects (the latter only exist while touching a living thinking being though).  I can also find, purify or create water, find types of earth, create and shape earth, and even turn earth to stone.  So not too shabby.  I don't really want spells outside of that, so that should be enough.

Other skills: I have 27 other skill points!  And mental skills (except magic) cost 1/4 normal!  Between that and the spells I have spent 54 points on skills so have to be at least 27 years old.

I could spend 15 points on Luck but am not sure I would want to.  I don't like botches that much, though, and I would be using spells a lot (there is a small chance of summoning a demon that will attack one!).  So that would still leave 12 points for non-spell skills.  I could start at age 20 if I wished.  As another option, I could go for "pure" magery 2 and 3 if I spend 8 more points, but I am happy with the spells as they are, I think.  I might spend more points on Phantom Flame to get it up to 20 though . . . I  have no idea why that spell is in Fire rather than Creation and Illusion.  Hmm.  Ok, scratch the luck and go for full magery 3.  All spells are at 20, and I have 19 non-spell skills if I like.  Mininum age 23.  If I *really* need luck I go down to 4 points for non-spell skills (which isn't too bad, given eidetic memory).  That would just make me a *very* focused wizard at the beginning.  I actually am not sure what I would advance in play, given my "20" limit on spells and skills.  I guess I would broaden my abilities as the need arose, or develop contacts, allies, wealth, etc.

Total: 175 points.  So not a typical starting character of 100 points, but a rather nice illusionist. 

There was another 3rd ed magic book (grimoire) but I didn't like the feel of it for some reason, so no spells from it.  :)  I think getting the extra creation and illusion spells from this book, and the necessary prerequisite spells, would push the character to 200 points.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on June 03, 2010, 04:20:20 pm
Back to 7th Sea.  I might be interested in pushing the Castillian Education advantage.  I mean really pushing it as far as I can.

I think, with that, university, academy, linguist, able drinker and ordained, I can have an interesting "Jack of all trades, master of none" Priest.

I can get all the civil advanced knacks in the main book, plus the Castille book.  Not sure if WayLay from the Los Vagos book is Martial or Civil, but I don't have the points for its advanced knacks so the points may be moot (and depending on the GM's rules for learning languages, I might spend any extra points I get on more languages).  So an initially incompetent but devout priest with a love of learning.  Possibly with a shady background.

On the down side, this would be expensive.  I would start with a hubris and minimum traits!
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on June 03, 2010, 04:23:32 pm
And now for an easy one: Jaws of the Six Serpents.  I love the game but imagine it will be my destiny to run it rather than play it.

But taking the "coastal people tribe" I can be a powerful sorcerer right out of the box:

Water Urge (master, +6), Sorcery* (master, +6), Seeks Knowledge of the Ancients (good, +2), Sickly (poor, -2).

This is the classic "Raistlin" character, frankly.  It might be fun to try.  Given how the game works, he has way less "hit points" than someone that spreads out their traits to get +2s. 

I also wouldn't mind trying a Diviner character.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on June 09, 2010, 02:57:49 am
Not sure if this one fits the category as I may one day get to play it (gasp!).  Again from 7th Sea.  Obviously, since I cannot preplan the random elements of card drawing, if I actually am playing the character there will be some things I don't know about it.  Such is life.  :)

But lets try a Vodacce Swordsman, who knows how to comport himself with high folk and low.

So, Swordsman (Ambrogia School) is 25 points, and he get Membership in the Swordsman's Guild, as well as the Fencing and Dirty Fighting skills.

For 14 more points, I will pick up Athlete, Knife, Ride, and Wrestling as Martial Skills, and Courtier, Criminal and Streetwise as Civil Skills.

For 48 points I will get 6 trait advances, which will leave me with Finesse and Wits at 3 and Brawn, Resolve and Panache at 2.  Not bad for a starting character.

For 1 point I will take Able Drinker.

Ok, so that is 88 points so far.  Depending on the card draw, I would love to take Victorious or Willful, and maybe Passionate, Worldly or Fortunate.  Failing those virtues, I could have fun with Loyal, Rash or Reckless as Hubrises.  Failing either, I guess I would have 14 points to spend.

What else?  Probably languages.  For 2 points in Linguist and 7 points besides, I can read and write Vodacce and speak all 7 major languages.  That leaves 3 points to improve knacks, get a background, get literate in more languages (perhaps even learn Thean), etc. 

A poor swordsman that needs money is a good place to start.  I would like him to end up a heroic roguish sort, not above stealing a horse, but willing to help out a child in danger.

Anyhow, something to keep in mind, should a 7th Sea game open up.

[edit: Hmmm  .  .  . Lightning Reflexes (4 points) is a pretty sweet advantage for a duelist.  I might give up wrestling for that, should it come down to it].

[Edit: Ooogh.  I just looked in the Vodaccee book.  Apparently unless you spend 15 points to be Unbound, you get a special "the GM gets one session where he can screw with you" if you are Vodacce.  Not sure I like that one.  I could spend 10 points to be some other race like Castille and then learn Ambrogia, but I am not sure that is worth it.  Might be something to consider though.  Maybe I could spend the points to be Unbound, but that pretty much mandates a Hubris.  Tough choices!].

That said, at least the Vodacce book has some Vodacce heroes.  The way they were being described, I was wondering if not-Italians were all being slagged as Villains without exception.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Rubycheeks Loveglow on June 13, 2010, 04:41:41 am
Since I don't really feel like making my own thread for this, I was tinkering around with the (more or less dead in development) Anathema program for building Exalted characters. I had this fanciful idea of some high seas loli urchin, and since it was fast to make, thought why not. I think I tried to do too many things at once though.

Hosted as images cause I'm lazy:
(http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/5920/imagename1.th.png) (http://img37.imageshack.us/i/imagename1.png/)
(http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/7861/imagename2.th.png) (http://img821.imageshack.us/i/imagename2.png/)

And much more usable pdf:

Ended up making her a Lintha half-blood to start, on top of slipping her into the most human-looking clan (while the prospect of having a redeemed Solar Lintha running around horrifying people was funny, it probably would be too bothersome to deal with), and just shaded in how she did well in her education of running the "family business", but enjoyed the thrill of high seas adventure (which Lintha females rarely do to significant age), etc. Betrayal, exaltation kicks in, all that good stuff.

Unlikely to ever be played what with how Lintha hunt down traitors viciously, and I doubt I'll run into a guy looking to run a heavily economy and naval based Exalted campaign :d
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Post by: Particle_Man on June 14, 2010, 03:48:31 pm
Speaking of sailors, here is a half-Avalon, half-Inish sailor (and former horse thief) I would like to try.  Unlike the rest of the characters, I think this one I might actually play one day.  Finn MacMorgan, at your service!

Swordsman School: Finnegan 25 (wrestling, pugilism) free knack to 2 (corps a corps).

able drinker 1
language Avalon +2 points for party language or background (amnesia).

criminal 2
sailor 2 (climb 2)
athlete 2 (footwork 2)
ride 2
streetwise 2

traits  72  (all 3s)   cost: 110  need hubris.

Mind you, in play I would try to raise Traits, Swordsman Knacks, Breakfall, and Defense Knacks to 5, and some others to 1 or 2, and this would require over 700 experience points, all told!  So a character in for the long haul, but viable in the short term as well.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on July 01, 2010, 03:18:03 pm
Exalted is a game that I have tried but it is so hard for me to wrap my brain around both setting and system, for some reason.

But nevertheless, there is an idea in my head of a character concept for something ethereal, fluffy, and light, like BEATING MY ENEMIES TO DEATH WITH MY BARE HANDS!    :)

So, without further ado:

Ray of Righteous Light

Dawn-Caste Solar.  Concept: See above capital letters.  Motivation: To slay all Deathlords and Yozi.  Initmacy: I like my circle of friends.

Permanent Essence 4 (takes 14 bonus points)
Compassion 1, Temperance 1, Valor 3, Conviction 4.  Flaw: Heart of flint
Permanent Willpower 7
Personal Essence 19
Peripheral Essence 44

Strength 1 Dexterity 5 Stamina 5 Intelligence 1 Perception 3 Wits 5 Appearance 5 Socialize 1 Manipulation 1

Martial Arts 4 (takes 1 bonus point), War 3, Dodge 1, Integrity 3, Resistance 3, Investigation 3, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Linguistics 3 (Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm, Riverspeak), Socialize 3.  Socialize, Dodge and Investigation are not favored).

Cult 3
Artifact 3 (probably good armor - Orichalcum Reinforced Breastplate, perhaps - 4 motes to attune)
Resources 1

Charms: 2nd Martial Arts Excellency (I like the sure thing), Infinite Martial Arts Mastery, Ox-Body Technique (for 1 extra -1 and 2 extra -2 health levels), Body-Mending Meditation, and under Solar Hero style: Sledgehammer Fist Punch, Fists of Iron Technique, Dragon Coil Technique, and Solar Hero Form.

So the usual M.O. would be to Use Infinite Martial Arts Mastery and dump 16 motes in the first action, then use Solar Hero Form in the second action, and then go to town with the free 2nd Excellency charm in the remaining actions and defences.  Usually trying to flare the banner for the extra DV, unless stealth was called for.

Later on, the character would raise Martial Arts to 5 and then dump 20 motes into Infinite Martial Arts Mastery in the first action.  Other than that, no firm plans (increased strength might be a good idea, as well as bringing essence and will power even higher), although extra Ox-Body Techniques couldn't hurt.  And perhaps he will learn to read on day.  :)

This is all core book only, and I of course may have gotten something wrong.

[edit: I really don't get excellencies and DV, but if it helps, I could learn 1st Martial Arts excellency instead of 2nd if it makes defense better - I think they come out around equal but could be wrong].

[edit: I no longer think that specialties count for determining the "limit" of motes applicable in the 2nd excellency].
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on October 17, 2010, 01:53:27 pm
Don't know if I will play this or not.  Probably not to high levels, though.  I like the idea of a "no paperwork" mage.  One could pull something like that off in M&M, but the flavour there is (of course) comic book superheroes, and I would like to try the character in a typical fantasy D&D setting.

CG Human

Level 1-6 Warlock, 7-8 Enlightened Spirit (1-2), 9 Binder 1, 10-12 Hellfire Warlock (1-3), 13-20 Enlightened Spirit (3-10).

Feats: Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Arcane Mastery, and all the rest Extra Invocation (which will get a big pile of Least Invocations).

Using the Binder level to get the vestige that lets one heal con damage (which would happen a lot with Hellfire Warlock).

Zap!  Zap!  Zap!  And a bit of flying, teleportation, etc.  Nothing requiring saves though, as they wouldn't work with this build. 
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on November 15, 2010, 06:30:51 am
Another one for 7th Sea.  Again, Core only.  A reformed criminal turned Vaticine priest.  But with the church the way it is these days, maybe his criminal skills will come in handy.  Pretty much a pacifist, but I could see him doing crazy stuff with improvised weapons to subdue bad guys.

Eisen.  Traits Max Out (80 points).  Advantages: Academy (2 points), Ordained (4 points, gives free scholar skill), Language: Whatever the heck the rest of the party is speaking (4 points).  Skills: Criminal, Sailor, Scholar, Streetwise, Athlete, Dirty Fighting, Ride, Wrestling.  (10 points).  No virtue, no hubris.  If I don't need to spend 1 or 2 points on a language, I could get a background (Hunted is always good for ex-criminals - even if the law doesn't want you, you usually have made some enemies).

If I depart from core only to take Lightning Reflexes (4 points), then I drop a trait, take Linguist (2 points), and a few more languages (I would "speak" all 7).
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Post by: Particle_Man on November 16, 2010, 10:59:20 am
On the other hand, I could give up on lightning reflexes and just soak damage with brawn and resolve.  With that "tough guy" image in mind, I could be an Eisen from Steiger province (meaning I have to take a hubris, only get 5 points for it, but get one of large, tough or foul-weather jack, determined at random).  With the Steiger accent, I could max out traits (80), take academy and ordained and linguist (8 ), the above skills (10), able drinker (1), and speak all 7 languages while being able to write Eisen, Vodacce and Castille (the vaticine (or half-vaticine) countries)) (6).  So we have a priest with a troubled past and a tragic flaw, a demon he continually fights (and sometimes loses against).  I could run with that.
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Since I got the Cathay pdf, here's a 7th Sea character of a different stripe:

Nation: Tashil (for the +1 Wits)

Languages: Tashil, Han Hua (doesn't read or write either)

Advantages: Huan Shu (35 points!), Legendary Trait (Wits) (3 points), Able Drinker (1 point).

Virtue: (10 points). (Unless it is Propitious - that one is too lame to take, ever).

Traits: All 1's, except for Panache at 2 and Wits at 4 (24 points).  That ain't great, but I need the points elsewhere.  I am always point-starved in 7th Sea.

Skills: Athlete, Hard Martial Arts (both free with advantage).  (Soft Martial Arts was another option, but I want to be able to attack with *something* just in case, and later on a Corps-de-Corps/Throat Strike combo does seem cool - plus I like the fast hard hitting type, not the grapply-joint lock type).  Acrobat, Sailor (4 points). 

Knacks: Raise all Athlete knacks to 3 (advanced count as basic due to advantage): (23 points (I have Hard Martial Arts and Acrobat to help with Footwork, and Sailor to help with Climbing))

Knack list:  attack (hard martial arts) 1, balance 3, block (hard martial arts) 1, break fall 3*, climbing 3*, footwork 3*, jab 1, knotwork 1, leaping 3*, long distance running 3*, lifting 3*, pole vault 3*, rigging 1, rolling 3*, sprinting 3*, swimming 3*, swinging 3*, side-step 3*, & throwing 3*.

Yeah he can't speak any Thean languages (yet), but wow!  This Huan Shu advantage is amazingly cool - among other things (like being able to turn drama dice into initiative dice (albeit adding to the GM's pool)), one keeps both trait and knack dice with athlete rolls (this does not apply to passive defense, but works with active defense just fine)!  Costs a lot, but I really would love to try it out.  There is a built in weakness (no active defense against firearms, also non-athlete knacks like parrys/blocks, grapple, balance and ride don't get the benefit) but that is ok.  At the start of the game athlete active defenses are already 7k7 dice, and other athlete rolls not using Wits are 4k4.  When I max out the knacks and Wits later on, athlete active defenses go up to 10k10 + 20!  Besides, its name means "illusion".  What's not to love?

[Note: Pole Vault is an Athlete Knack added in the Midnight Archepelago supplement.]

So very different from his brothers and sister, Durjaya (Dure-JAI-ah, "difficult to conquer") was bright yet rebellious and often ran away from his teacher as a child (in fact, he never even learned to read).  He was inquisitive, and would observe circus performers and also martial artists and would strive to imitate them.  In doing so he was bright enough to master the basics of martial arts and even to unlock the potential of Huan Shu within himself, an extremely rare feat to accomplish unaided.  Yet he was foolish enough not to pursue a formal martial arts school and hone (or even fully understand) his natural talent (indeed, he erroneously credits his ability to drink without getting drunk to Huan Shu).  Eventually, he realized that there was no place for him at home and so he joined the crew of a ship that was setting out to explore (and perhaps trade with) the strange world to the west.  Once there, he may well end up on another western ship by fair means or foul.  He does not yet speak any western languages, but will rely upon his powers of observation and natural cunning to figure out how to get by until he picks up the tongue of those around him.  Whether he is justified in putting his faith in his own cunning remains to be seen.

Insane Variant: Screw the traits at chargen (buy them with xp later!).  Get: Pirate Trick (Death From Above) 3 points.  Swordsman School Ki Kwanji (25 points, gives free Pugilism and Hard Martial Arts).  Use Huan Shu (35 points to get Soft Martial Arts and Athlete).  Still get a virtue (10 points).  Still get Legendary Trait (Wits (although Panache or Finesse is also tempting) (3 points) and Able Drinker.  So that is 77 points.  Balance is at 2, Footwork at 3.  Sailor (2 points) still is a good skill to have (2 points) so alas I can't absolutely max out the athlete knacks.  Leave Pole Vault at 1).  Don't bother with Acrobat knack (so now backstory replaces acrobat stuff with ki kwanji stuff, which fits wtih Huan Shu better anyhow).

Neat powers from School: All Pugilism, Hard Martial Arts and Ki Kwanji attacks (including Kick) get a free raise!  Attack (Pugilism) and Attack (Hard Martial Arts) become Attack (Ki Kwanji) so starts at 2!

Neat power from Death from Above: If starting from 1 level higher can make Panache + Swinging as an attack (remember Huan Shu means all dice are kept dice for this!).  Damage is 3k1 and opponent goes prone.  If I miss, make another Panache + Swinging vs. TN 15 to avoid going prone myself.

The Knack list would be different: attack (ki kwanji) 2, balance 3, block (soft martial arts) 1, block (hard martial arts) 1, break fall 3*, climbing 3*, exploit weakness (ki kwanji), footwork 3*, grapple 1, jab 2, kick 1, knotwork 1, leaping 3*, long distance running 3*, lifting 3*, pole vault 1*, rigging 1, rolling 3*, sprinting 3*, swimming 3*, swinging 3*, side-step 3*, snap-kick 1, throwing 3*, uppercut 1 and yield 1.

To add even more insanity, scare up 7 points from somewhere for Natural Aptitude: Swinging.  This would allow me to declare raises *after* I roll the dice instead of before!  Combine with the pirate trick above for extra wow power.  :)

And maybe later in his career join the Knights of the Rose and Cross.  :)
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Back to D&D 3e, I find myself looking at the Spellthief, of all things.   Not a powerful character, but an interesting idea.  I don't even have much of a concept fleshed out yet, but maybe I will modify this post later.  :)

As of now, I am thinking a "philosophical talky" guy, an intellectual but not necessarily a wise one.  He would not wear armour, and might spend a lot of time asking people if they ever wondered what the point of it all was.  Yeah, he would probably get eaten, wouldn't he?  :)
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Back to D&D 3e, I find myself looking at the Spellthief, of all things.   Not a powerful character, but an interesting idea.  I don't even have much of a concept fleshed out yet, but maybe I will modify this post later.  :)

As of now, I am thinking a "philosophical talky" guy, an intellectual but not necessarily a wise one.  He would not wear armour, and might spend a lot of time asking people if they ever wondered what the point of it all was.  Yeah, he would probably get eaten, wouldn't he?  :)

sounds a bit like Marvin the Paranoid Android.
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Not terminally depressed though (I've done that guy in an Exalted campaign).  This would be a more Neutral, Boccob worshipping guy that pauses to ask questions like "I wonder why you kobolds are so obsessed with traps, anyhow?  Goblins don't bother, neither do lizard folk.  Is it some sort of racial fad?"  So not "what's the point" as in depressed/suicidal, more "what's the point" as in curious.

Given a generous 30 point buy (one of my DMs allows this) I would go Str 8, dex 14, con 14, int 16, wis 10, chr 14.
Human, so 10 skills to max out (hide/move silent/spot/listen, concentration/spellcraft/use magic device, tumble/escape artist, gather information).  Feats, if going out of the PHB could be (in order) Eschew Materials, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting, Quickdraw, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes (other feats to consider: Combat Casting, and the one and only feat for Spellthieves specifically -- Master Spellthief).  Not sure about spells yet (nothing that requires a save or overcoming SR though).  I thus would be neglecting Trapfinding, but all characters make choices, so I would simply be ignoring some class features.  I like the idea of Gather Info and Spellcraft as each in their way give me info on the spells worth stealing that others use.
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Hmmm . . . what if he were or became addicted to the magic he stole?
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I just realized how much cooler the spellthief is in Pathfinder.  Oddly, you don't have to change much except that middle BAB characters get d8 hit dice.  Assuming you allow the only "spellthief" feat that ever was officially made (Master Spellthief) you are otherwise good to go.  There would be more feats available (allowing for Combat Casting and the aforementioned Master Spellthief, and maybe one other, or else another race than human?).  There would be skill consolidation (so maybe less Int would be required?).  This would allow the Spellthief to be the "locks and traps" guy too, if that niche needed to be filled in the party.  He wouldn't need stats that are too high, oddly enough.

There are two philosophies of Pathfinder.  One is the "look we just got out of splatbook hell, let's just use Pathfinder class books" and the other is "the whole point of Pathfinder is to be 3.x compatible, so why not use other 3.x classes too?".  Obviously the spellthief would only fit in the campaigns with the latter philosophy.  However, I don't think that anyone would argue that the spellthief is broken or overpowered (their signature "schtick" would be used more or less based on opponents, but I think I could find ways to amuse myself).

Hmmmm.  I must think on this more.  :)
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There is already a spellthief in Pathfinder.  The Advanced Player's Guide has a Bard variant called "Sandman".  Read up on the variant here (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/bard#TOC-Sandman).
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Interesting but I think I like spellthief better.  For one thing, if he gets the sneak attack in he steals the spell (whereas the otherway the guy gets a will save).  Also, the spellthief can steal other things, like spell-like abilities, and energy resistance.  And (this is my favourite) the spells the spellthief steals are cast at the victim's caster level and with the victim's calculated save DC.  Alas, the fact that the Sandman option exists makes it even less likely that I will get to play my spellthief.  But then, that does fit the title of this thread.  :)
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I'm a bit sickly so this is not fleshed out yet.

7th Sea - core so far.  Montaigne soldier type, saved a village from poisoning by a madman, now tasked to catch the madman (Hunting 3).

Traits: all 2's?  Virtue (I like him to be a hero).  Citation (for saving the village).  Valroux swordsman school.  Knows lots of languages, has a commission, able drinker would be nice.  Firearms, Athlete, Pugilism, Ride, Wrestling (so I guess Academy would be a good idea), free Fencing and Knife and swordsman's guild membership, Scholar, Streetwise, Courtier, + Specialization (Balance, Shadowing, Stealth) (I know that I could get the latter two under "spy" or "criminal" but I don't want either of those terms in my character's description).  I was thinking a Captain who could r/w all 7 main languages + Thean, but may have to settle for a Corporal that knows some.  Damn that 100 point limit!  :)

Back to work and illness . . .
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Short but Sweet: An Orc with the Orc paragon Class from Unearthed Arcana (3.5).  Not sure what to do after level 3 though.  More on this later.  Not evil.
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So what do I like to play, in general?

I like to play characters that are really, really good at what they do.

I like playing "good guys".

I like combat.

I like simple to manage characters (from the lazy player pov).  I don't mind complex chargen, but I want simple play, esp. in combat.

But sometimes these come into conflict.  Eg.  The assassin character can't really be said to be a "good guy".

I like characters that strike a cord with me thematically.

I like characters whose mechanics "hang together" to support a theme (sometimes the mechanics of a game book or supplement will itself suggest a character to me).
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I'm baaaaack!

Just had a 3.5 idea.  It uses the Malconvoker (a prestige class from Complete Scoundrel) and Fiend-Blooded (a prestige class form Heroes of Horror) and some Fiendish Heritage feats from Complete Mage.  It is by no means tweaked for power, but thematically it seems to work.  I will use a 30 point buy, since that is the rule for the only 3.5 campaign I am currently in and I have to use something.

"Relax, this is perfectly safe!"

Human CN (can't be good or evil, and chaotic fits the riskiness of the character concept)
Sorceror 6/Malconvoker 5/Fiend-Blooded 9  HD d4 all the way (fragile!)

Base Stats.

Str 8
Int 16 (10 points) to 17
Wis 8
Dex 10 (2 points) to 11
Con 10 (2 points) to 11
Chr 18 (add to this every 4 levels). (16 points) so to 24 before magic items and wishes and the like.

Feats: 1: Eschew Materials, Fiendish Heritage. 3. Spell Focus (Conjuration).  6. Augment Summoning.  9. Blood Calls to Blood (Heroes of Horror).  12. Fiendish Legacy 15. Fiendish Resistance 18. Fiendish Power  [the first 4 feats are simply prerequisites for the 2 prestige classes, the last 4 feats are for flavour].  Free: Skill Focus (bluff)

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal.

I could probably do something similar in Pathfinder with a Sorceror with Fiendish bloodline, but then I haven't run into someone that like to mix Pathfinder with the 3.5 splatbooks (I mean technically they are meant to be compatible -- I just haven't run into the DM that goes that way yet).

So this gives us a Sorceror at spellcasting ability of level 19 (but technically a caster level of 20 with evil spells, like when summoning evil creatures).  A snake (tiny viper) familiar as if 15th level spellcaster level but 20th character level (and with the fiendish template to boot, even though not evil!).  3 1x/day spell-like abilities (teleport, summon fiendish monster V, unholy blight), Cold and Electricity Res 5, Acid and Fire Res 14, +5 save vs. poison (and -1 hp or ability damage from same), +1 save vs. good creatures' spells/effects, +2 save vs. fiends' and half-fiends' spells/effects/attacks, +1 on my Conjuration spell DCs, +1 on my evil spell DCs, and *much* tougher monsters when I summon them (augment summoning gives +4 str/con, plus the equivalent of extend spell and an extra creature and extra damage and hp (on top of the feat) if I bluff some evil summoned creatures (not sure if this applies to the spell-like ability Summon Monster V but I don't see why not)!  Technically the Planar Binding spells are added to my spells known, but that would seem foolish to try.  Oh, and summoning evil critter won't make me evil.  +1 AC, Cha, Int, Dex and Con (woot!).  A few extra spells known (must be fire or enchantment, illusion or necromancy though - well I could find something good).  Can Smite spell 2/day (add 9+cha modifier to spell damage to all creatures damaged by a spell of mine -- not great, but hey it is free)).  More spells known than a regular Sorceror (although some are restricted in their natures) and ultimately 2 less 9th level slots than a normal Sorceror.  Simple weapon proficiencies, no armour or shield proficiencies.

Magic Items - well boosting bluff and charisma would be key here.  I don't really have a detailed idea of this (I am old-fashioned enough to prefer to find my magic items in forgotten ruins, rather than buy them at a magic shop or have them commissioned).

BAB +9/4 (grapple same),  Base Saves Fort +6  Ref +6  Will +15  Base AC 11 (10 if flat-footed).  Initiative +0.

Skills: Bluff (+36), Concentration (+23), Knowledge (arcana) (+26), Knowledge (planes)  (+26) and Spellcraft (+28) maxed out (natch).  Now since knowledge (planes) is not a Sorceror class skill, this means that it was say at 4 ranks when entering Malconvoker, and so that would take 5 levels to "top up".  That leaves 15 skill points to spread around (6 in Sorceror and 9 in Fiend-blooded).  Not many attractive class skills to spend these on, frankly.  Maybe cross-class into spot/listen? tumble?  If I go with class skills it would likely be 6 ranks in some craft or profession and 9 ranks in intimidate (with some room for perhaps up to 5 of those ranks in disguise, knowledge (religion) or again some craft or profession) if I delay topping up Knowledge (planes)). Maybe 3 cc ranks each in spot and listen (so +4 each given alertness from familiar), delay topping up knowledge (planes) by one level to put 1 class rank in knowledge (religion) (+4) (just so I can try to make checks in it), and finally get 1 cc rank in tumble (ditto) (+1)?  I also end up with Diplomacy and Intimidate and Disguise (act in character) +9, Survival on other planes +1, and the rest follow the stats.

Well there we are!
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Slight change to skills (and I counted them wrong anyhow). No points in spot, listen, Know(religion) or Tumble. Instead Learn Terran, Ignan, Auran and Aquan then a skill trick (Collector of Stories) (for levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6). Then top up Knowledge (planar) levels 7-12). Then learn 4 more skill tricks (Timely Misdirection, Group Fake-Out, False Theurgy and Swift Concentration).

Also, at level 21 finish off Fiend-Blooded (immune to poison!), take Energy Resistance as the 21st level feat, and then at levels 22+ go for Cosmic Descryer prestige class (which seems to fit the character very well indeed! I didn't even plan it that way as I usually don't look at the epic stuff).
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Hmmm . . . the practiced spellcaster feat would be good to take, once I hit the cosmic descryer class (it has half-advancement as a caster, which isn't too bad once I hit 20th caster level but still).  Level 24 feat I guess. :)

Anyhow, here is the spell list (I am assuming that the sorcerer ability to trade out spells does not carry over into any of the prestige classes).  Spells are taken in the order shown.

0th: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Disprupt Undead (replace with Dancing Lights at level 4), Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Message, Mending.
1st: Benign Transposition (SC), Color Spray (replace with SM I at level 6), Grease, Mage Armor, Feather Fall.
2nd: SM 2, Invisibility, Rope Trick, See Invisibility, Glitterdust.
3rd: SM 3, Haste, Phantom Steed, Magic Circle vs. Evil.
4th: SM 4, Blood Star (SC), Solid Fog, Dimensional Anchor.
5th: SM 5, Lesser Planar Binding*, Mass Fly (SC), Wall of Force, Greater Dimension Door (SC).
6th: SM 6, Snow Song** (FB), Planar Binding*, Ruby Ray of Reversal (SC), True Seeing.
7th: SM 7, Fire Storm**, Project Image, Wall of Eyes (BoVD).
8th: SM 8, Mass Death Ward ** (SC), Greater Planar Binding*, Superior Invisibility (SC), Mind Blank.
9th: SM 9, Monstrous Thrall** (SC), Gate, Shadow Landscape** (SC), Abyssal Rift (FC 1).

* Added to spells known via Malconvoker.  Not that I will use them much but I took Dim. Anchor and Prot. from Evil, just in case.
** Added to spells known via Fiend-Blooded (note that they are not from sor/wiz spell lists).  Snow Song is a buff with nice weather fluff.
SC: Spell Compendium
FB: Frostburn
FC I: Fiendish Codex
BoVD: Book of Vile Darkness (to be honest I haven't got this book nor read the full spell description, but it sounds cool).
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Here's a nice core-only one for 3.5.  Pixie Ranger (archery route).  Nice ranged warrior.  Note the MM errata gives alertness as an extra feat and changes weapon finesse to a bonus feat.  It also takes away polymorph as a spell-like ability, but that is a tangled issue in 3.5 so I am not sorry not to have to deal with that.

Normally I stay away from rangers but woodlands classes fit woodlands races and there is good synergy here.  Sleep arrows make up for less damage.  No con loss, heck of a dex boost, shame about the str loss but not too bad.  Flyby attack makes for a nice feat at low levels.

Hmmm . . . I will ponder this more later.
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It has been a while.  So I might as well post some ideas for new characters.

For 4e D&D, I wouldn't mind trying a fey-pact warlock again.  Apparently, the Eladrin race has been errata'd to allow for +Int, +Cha, which is great for a feylock.  I would max out Cha, then drive Int as high as I could as an even number, then go for Con (hp are always nice) I think.  Powers and items and feat choices would be driven by the fey warlock angle (the eladrin teleport feat is a good one too).  The paragon path would be the fey one in the Player's handbook, and similarly the epic destiny would be the feyliege from arcane power, if such is allowed.  I have no idea if the character would be powerful or not, but it would have a theme.  And it would teleport a heck of a lot.  :)  Alignment Good.

On to Pathfinder, I am intrigued by the Witch class in the Advanced Player's Guide and wish to subscribe to its Newsletter.  I think an Elf witch with the bat familiar (named "Bruce") would be cute.  Max out int and insofar as one can, as well as dex and con.  Skills would be knowledge (arcana, nature, planes), perception, sense motive, spellcraft, and 4 ranks of stealth followed by fly at 5th level (I would take more stealth as int upgrades permit).  If traits are allowed, I would go for Birthmark (a bat, giving an additional +2 vs. enchantments)) as well as a +2 initiative booster (Warrior of Old).  The favoured class bonus would go to skill points for maxing out Escape Artist (just in case).  Feats would be mostly Extra Hex (might as well "witch out" but at 9th, 13th, 15th and 17th level I would instead go for spell penetration and greater sp, improved initiative, and defensive combat training in order to key combat maneuver defense off of level rather than BAB.

Hexes?  Cackle, Charm, Evil Eye, Fortune, Flight, Healing, Misfortune, Slumber, Tongues, Agony, Hag's Eye, Major Healing, Retribution, Waxen Image, Eternal Slumber, Forced Reincarnation, & Life-Giver.

Spells?  Not sure about most, but Web, Black Tentacles and Flesh to Stone would be up there.  There would be some spells known from the patron (Agility) including Freedom of Movement (yay!).

Min height (5'6"), minimum weight, not sure about male or female yet.  Chaotic Good (natch).  Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Gnome, Orc, & Sylvan (the Tongues hex will help here, but I won't be getting that hex first).
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I think an Elf witch with the bat familiar (named "Bruce") would be cute. 

VERY cute!

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Another idea:  Mutants and Masterminds.  A cat named Schrodinger.  He is back and he is angry!  :)

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Post by: Becky on December 27, 2011, 10:21:55 pm
Another idea:  Mutants and Masterminds.  A cat named Schrodinger.  He is back and he is angry!  :)


Just looked for the Like button for this. This is the best idea ever.
Next time I play a wizard maybe I will name him Schrodinger and give him a cat familiar. Can they have cat Familiars? I have no idea but will do it anyway.
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I have another one, this time due to edition changes.

I was looking over the illusionist in the 1st edition AD&D player's handbook.  And I noted that the character changes, often for the worse, with every additional book. 

With Unearthed Arcana, the illusionist gets new spells, but that includes read illusionist magic, which suddenly they need to read all other spells.  Also, their high level feature of casting some 1st level magic-user spells gets somewhat devalued as more magic-user spells are given, but not added to the list of spells illusionists can cast.  On the up side, there are cantrips and some magic items and rules on spell books and slightly higher level limits for gnomes. 

In 2nd edition, illusionist spell lists are no longer separate from magic-user spell lists.  Now the illusionist loses out big time, as in 1st edition they had spells no one else got, and had spells at lower levels than other classes that got them (Maze at 5th level, for instance).  Also, the magic-users and illusionists share the same xp and hp track now.  This gives the illusionists an extra d4 hp (but they would have gotten 1 hp anyhow at 11th level) but costs the illusionist in level gain, as at high levels illusionists go up every 220k xp, while magic-users went up every 375k xp.

In 3rd edition/pathfinder illusionists are definitely simply a type of wizard.  And their shadow monsters line of spells seems to pale in comparison to the same level summon monster X spells.

So I already said I wanted a 1st ed illusionist/assassin dual class, but now I would be happy just to try a human illusionist in 1st ed, without unearthed arcana.  Just phb, dmg, mm, mmII and fiend folio.  Or maybe not even the latter two books as they introduce many races that are flat out immune to illusions, not to mention the "super-high intelligence" rule that makes INT 19+ characters also immune to various levels of illusion spells!
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Another one for D&D 3.5, as that is the campaign I am in.  It is a thought for a "temporary replacement" character, should the need arise.  We are journeying to a humanocentric lawful land, so I thought I would try this core-only option:

Ranger 5/Horizon Walker 8 (to 10).  Human.  Lawful Good.  Animal Companion (owl trained with the guard suite).  feats: Alertness, Stealthy, Improved Init, Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Iron Will.  (30 point buy + 3 upgrades gets me) str 18, dex/con/int 14, wis 12, chr 8 (scar and a tobacco chew/spit habit?).  Spells: Resist Energy, then (when HW levels are done and we are back to ranger levels) Alarm, Protection from Energy.  Favoured enemies: ???Giants and Dragons, maybe?

Use the HW abilities for +4 to the "fab four" (Hide, MS, Spot, Listen), darkvision, resist fire/cold 20, dimension door every 1d4 rounds, and later tremorsense 30' and alignment immunities.

Skills: max out "fab four", know (geography), survival, ride.  Ranger levels also put remaining ranks in know (dungeoneering) and know (nature). 

No ideas on magic equipment, but a str comp. long bow, battle axe and buckler seem good, and some light armour. 
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This one is a concept that I can't even think of a system for as a pc.  Maybe just an npc concept?

One of God's 6 younger siblings, curious about the world God has made, is allowed to incarnate inside the world, subject to a few restrictions:

a) YS cannot go to or see the "after realms" where the mortals souls go.
b) YS can only access the power of the recently dead body that YS incarnates in. (YS might pick a powerful magic-using type, but . . .)
c) YS cannot directly affect the balance of the world. If YS kills an evil dragon, another equally powerful evil dragon will appear elsewhere in the world. Only mortals can affect the world and the things in it permanently. YS could try to bring mortals together to be in the right place at the right time to make a change, though YS can't make them make the change.

YS's previous knowledge of the world is contained in the songs of the bards YS has heard (YS was literally one of the stars in the sky that the music made its way towards - that star is now missing from the sky), with all the omissions and exaggerations thereof. YS has never actually seen the world before.

Btw, the world itself is a therapy centre for a third sibling (the youngest sibling), who went insane and is kept in one of the after realms called "Hell" but can observe (and through mortals affect) what goes on in the world (the siblings are immortal and indestructible - imagine sharing an eternal existence with an insane relative!).

A mechanical way to get a tier 1 caster without it overshadowing the party, perhaps?
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 11, 2012, 05:26:23 pm
Sometimes it is nice to go short and sweet:

I like Warlocks, even knowing they are far from powerful. Heck, I can stat one up without going outside the core + Complete Arcane that intros the Warlock, and thus without going into Glaivelock or Hellfire.

Lets see: Human Warlock, Dex 16 (improve at least the first three times), con/wis 14, str/int/cha 10 (28 points)

Feats: P-B Shot, Precise Shot, Great Fort, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Craft Wondrous Items, Improved Precise Shot, Extra Invocation (that feat is also in Complete Arcane).

Invocations: Eldritch Spear, See the Unseen, that chaos 20% protection from ranged/no scent/no tracking one, Flee the Scene, Fell Flight, Eldritch Chain, Vitriolic Blast, Chill Tentacles, the dispel magic one, the improved invisibility one, shadow walk, (feat: the sending one), dark foresight.

Skills: Concentration, Spellcraft, UMD.

See? Not exactly optimized, especially at high levels, but I would have fun playing it. I wonder if that would be a drag on the rest of the party, or whether the DM would have to tone down the encounters, or what?
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Post by: Espie on March 12, 2012, 11:27:12 am
Warlock? More like borelock.

But then again, knowing you, the on paper stuff is completely irrelevent since you'll make him/her come alive in some amusing way, heh.
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 12, 2012, 04:32:12 pm
Remember, I used to play 1st ed AD&D and Basic/Expert, where there were no feats and no skills.  So it came alive off the paper out of necessity. 

Maybe that is why I often like the simpler builds, some to think of it.  Heck I had to jump through some hoops to buy a disadvantage to have an anima character *not* advance skills automatically (didn't quite succeed but got it down at least).
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 19, 2012, 10:09:25 am
Got another (getting into a Magic of Incarnum mood).  This is definitely not a high-powered character.  An incarnate, neutral good, azurin (basically humans that lose the skill point and gain an essentia point), and take out feats to increase essentia.  So at low levels Azure Toughness and Midnight Dodge are useful, then Soultouched Spellcasting (to deal with spell resistance later on), Bonus Essentia, Cerulean Reflexes, Cerulean Fortitude, Cerulean Will, Healing Soul (which requires 1 rank in Healing).

Sadly the skill list for the character is horrible so I could embrace the madness and go for Concentration, Know (arcana) and Spellcraft, or just accept cross-class skills as my fate.

The character would end up with 36 essentia at level 20 with 7 feats that could each take up to 4 of them (although that would lock them away for the day) and 9 souldmelds that could take up to 6 of them (and would not lock them away - a better result usually).

The whole point of essentia is that they are not spent as such, you just move them around the soulmelds as a swift action - so you can be using ones good at combat one round, good at skills the next, good at movement the next, etc.

The soulmelds themselves are chosen from the day from a set list (it is like every member of the class has almost the same spellbook of about 40 soulmelds, right from level 1, with a few banned soulmelds by alignment), and a small subset of the chosen soulmelds are "bound", which gives them extra power but uses up a magic item slot.  And you have 10 slots into which to put soulmelds (bound or not), no more than one to a slot (barring feats) and most soulmelds are only able to go into 1, 2 or 3 particular slots.

So at level 20 I would have 9 souldmelds/day, 5 of which could be bound.  At level 1 I would have only 2 soulmelds and could not bind any yet.

Oh and the slots I could bind soulmelds to are themselves restricted by level (the "feet" one is the first to open up), but that is only a restriction for binding soulmelds, not for having them.

Frankly this would be interesting to try out a new system in 3.5 D&D and see how it works.

One cool point is that the race, class, and feats all come from the same book, and are designed to work together.
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 21, 2012, 10:08:11 pm
Still into Magic of Incarnum, thought I would look at the prestige classes.  There is a nice divine caster/meldshaper advancer that has a VERY lawful flavour.  But very lawful doesn't exclude very good, so, hmmm . . .

LG Duskling Cleric 3/Totemist 1/Sapphire Hierarch 10/Cleric 6

Domains: Law, Incarnum

Feats: Shape Soulmeld, Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, Divine Soultouch, Open Lesser Chakra, Open Lesser Chakra, Open Greater Shakra, + bonus domain feat Incarnum Spellshaping, + 7 bonus exalted feats (including at least Intuitive Attack).

I haven't fleshed this idea out but I think it could work. I couldn't think of a 2nd prestige class to take after finishing SH. To be honest I am more familiar with the incarnate side of things than the totemist side of things, so am not sure what soulmelds to go for (or to get with Shape Soulmeld) but the general idea is there.

Depending on how strict one is with Vow of Poverty, this would restrict a lot of spells that require Divine Focus and the turn undead ability could only be used to fuel the Divine Soultouch feat.

Amusingly, he would from his vow have the ability to hide his alignment from detection spells, but somehow I think an observer could figure it out. 
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 29, 2012, 01:23:25 pm
I wanna play a soulknife and I don't care that they are weak.  They are like the non-psionic class in the psionics book, and they get a free glowing mindsword like a jedi.

So human, dodge, psionic dodge, mobility, spring attack, up the walls, ghost strike, cloak dance, exotic wp bastard sword (speed of thought, w focus, g w focus are free).

spot, listen, hide, move silently, autohypnosis, tumble (don't need concentration as much as I will leave my psionic focus on all day).

Kinda like a 1st edition thief.  Harrier activities.  Run and hide after the big strike, etc.
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Post by: Particle_Man on May 22, 2012, 11:17:49 pm
This is a little different as it is more a "campaign" I will never get to play in, as it requires all of the other players to buy in to the concept.

Basically, take Deadlands (Classic would work best here, I think) and have *every* player character be part of the same native tribe, have all of them follow the Way of the Brave (no modern tech, no guns, etc.) and be braves or shamans or the like (someone with Taletelling, to help reduce fear levels, native magics to help people out and heal them, etc.) and be of the same faith and avoid the dangerous stuff like mad science, hex slinging, etc.

It would be a very different game of Deadlands, I think.  Maybe a more successful one.
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Post by: webservice@growbiggerpenis.com on May 23, 2012, 01:15:17 am
This is a little different as it is more a "campaign" I will never get to play in, as it requires all of the other players to buy in to the concept.

Basically, take Deadlands (Classic would work best here, I think) and have *every* player character be part of the same native tribe, have all of them follow the Way of the Brave (no modern tech, no guns, etc.) and be braves or shamans or the like (someone with Taletelling, to help reduce fear levels, native magics to help people out and heal them, etc.) and be of the same faith and avoid the dangerous stuff like mad science, hex slinging, etc.

It would be a very different game of Deadlands, I think.  Maybe a more successful one.

Augustine and I actually discussed this very same idea a while back.

edit: I personally think players would be more comfortable with playing as the Sioux Nations rather than the Coyote Confederacy. Also, we joked the players would be labelled as Ravenites, if only through sheer dumb luck.

double edit: And speaking of aboriginal roleplay settings/campaigns, may I suggest How We Came to Live Here (http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14974.phtml)?
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Espie on May 23, 2012, 03:31:19 pm
If I recall we lamented about how we would be unable to find enough players who would also really enjoy this setting.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on May 23, 2012, 06:04:44 pm
Hmmmm . . .   :)
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: webservice@growbiggerpenis.com on May 23, 2012, 07:50:41 pm
Hmmmm . . .   :)

I have the PDF to HWCtLH if you'd like, Boston.
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Post by: Particle_Man on May 25, 2012, 02:40:53 pm
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on July 16, 2012, 09:03:57 am
I am looking over 3rd ed. GURPS Lite and so here is my 100 point, GURPS lite (3rd ed) only wizard.  I wanted to avoid accusations of cheese, so this wizard will not have any stat below 10 and will not have more than 40 points of disadvantages.

ST/DX/HT 10, IQ 13 (30 points) 5'6" 85 llbs

Advantages: Magery 3 (35 points), Ridiculous Luck (60 points)

Disadvantages: Dead Broke (-25 points), Skinny (-5 points), Impulsive (-10 points).

Quirks (to be determined) (-5 points)

Skills: 1 point each in Occultism (12), Research (12) and the 14 spells listed in GURPS Lite (Create Fire, Daze, Detect Magic, Fireball, Foolishness, Haste, Ignite Fire, Lend Health, Lend Strength, Light, Minor Healing, Shape Fire, Shield, & Sleep) (Each at 14), 4 points in Spell Throwing (12).  (20 points)
So a lucky but desperately poor wizard, perhaps a promising apprentice that barely survived the disasterous critical failure of their master summoning something powerful?
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Post by: Particle_Man on July 26, 2012, 07:24:24 pm
Since some people are trying Scion, maybe I should try a Scion character.  I like the Egyptian mythos (the one and only time I played the game before was with Bastet as the divine parent, mainly because I like cats) so I would stick with that.  Let's try Osiris as the divine (yet adopted) parent.  So the "parent" that rejected me?  Maybe Isis (since she seems to expect absolute obedience from her kids, I would only have to not play ball a few times before being renounced, and it would explain why Osiris would know about me).

So, perhaps a smooth-talking private detective with an interest in justice?  (Judge as "nature")  Conviction 4, Order 3 for virtues.  For birthrights I would go for a 3 point guide and a 2 point relic (for access to the justice purview later on, as well as the ability to communicate with my guide at will).  A crown could work for this, they are fairly iconic.  A hat might also do, for disguise purposes.

For abilities, I would priorities Social over Mental over Physical, and max out charisma, manipulation (leave appearance at 1 - he wouldn't stand out until he starts talking), have the mental stats at 3, and stamina 3, str/dex 2.

I would not start with boons yet, but plan to take justice and heku boons later.  But 3 points in epic charisma and epic manipulation, plus 1 point each in epic appearance, wits, intelligence and perception, would be good.  That's 10 free knacks (Benefit of the Doubt, Inspirational Figure, Never Say Die, Overt Order, Stench of Guilt, Takes One to Know One, Serpent's Gaze, Unfailing Recognition, Perfect Memory, Instant Investigator).

For abilities I dunno, but would likely try to spread them out jack-of-all-trades style and then bump up Osiris's favoured ones to 2 (so presence, politics, awareness, fortitude, investigation, and command).  Mainly because I am not sure where I would be going with these yet.

For bonus points, I would bump legend up to 4 and Command up to 3.  This guy is destined to be a great leader, maybe even (gasp) a party leader.   :)

So, an inspiring guy but not a fighter.  That could be a weak point for the character, depending on the game, as he would be less useful in a fight (although some of the knacks might help out) and Scion is geared at least partially towards fights.  But assuming other characters are there to be heavy-hitters, my character could fill a niche or two.
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Post by: Particle_Man on July 29, 2012, 01:38:47 pm
I'm playing Mutants and Masterminds, 2nd ed., and few ideas came up.

a) The Pswashbuckler.  Take Mental Blast with the meelee weapon flaw.  Take Mind Reading with the Surface Thoughts only flaw.  Take lots of Bluff.  Go to town!

b) The Mighty Mite.  16 ranks of Shrinking + 16 ranks of Density, all permanent, = love.

c) The Fog of War.  Permanent Insubstantial 2 (gaseous) + aura of Emotion Control.

d) The Iron Angel.  Wings, Density, hey it doesn't have to make physics sense it is a freaking superhero!  ;)
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Post by: Particle_Man on April 12, 2013, 11:59:56 am
I have more ideas on the Orc paragon (3.5 D&D).

Orc Paragon 3/Ranger 3/Horizon Walker 10/Ranger 4.

He would use the Orc Double-Ax (which is theoretically an orcish weapon, though I have never seen any orc use one) and his ranger abilities mean that he doesn't have to pump his dex to do it.  Favoured enemies would likely be elf, then dwarf.  But I don't feel like making him evil.  Maybe neutral and with a wish to wander.

"Orc Paragon" is a 3 level class from Unearthed Arcana (3.5) but can be found in the d20 srd online.  It is good for making one stronger, getting better darkvision, and getting rid of the dazzle in daylight penalty.

In theory I could get to HW 1 level earlier if I actually take the Endurance feat but that seems inelegant somehow.
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Post by: Particle_Man on April 26, 2013, 12:50:26 am
Falling back in love with the 3.5 Warlock.  I love low-paperwork mage types.  That said, I also like Book of Nine Swords and Magic of Incarnum.  I would give this Warlock the Mage's Spectacles soulmeld via a feat (this helps Spellcraft and more importantly UMD, rather nice) and the feat that lest you help dispel magic and defeat spell resistance (but the two are fueled by the same power source so I would have to decide each game day what to put the "points" into (by taking the Azurin race and a feat to get 2 more points, that brings the total to 4 (although there is a character-level based limit on how many points maximum either could have)).  From Book of Nine Swords I would take martial study and martial stance as feats to get Tumble as a class skill, Wind's Blessing (1x/encounter increase land speed by 10 for one round), and the Flame's Blessing stance (get fire resistance, and eventually immunity, based on tumble ranks).  Not sure I could take those feats at 1st level, so they might have to wait until 3rd and 6th (hard to do DM's call with no DM - this character is theoretical right now, as per the thread topic).  If so, I would likely take less ranks in Spellcraft, ameliorated slightly by having 5 ranks in Know (arcana) and the corresponding synergy bonus.  I have learned to like Entropic Warding, which means I could get by with only the invocations in the Complete Arcane book in which the Warlock originates.  I would also take craft wondrous item and craft staff, as well as extra invocation (Greater) at 18th level.

This would not be a super-powerful character but I think "Soulflame" would be a fun one.  Alas, I doubt I will play him anytime soon.
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Post by: Particle_Man on June 23, 2013, 12:27:12 pm
Another one: The 3.5 15 psion/5 ectopic adept, and for all my powers known take 34 of the available 36 metacreativity powers available (using both the expanded psionics handbook and complete psionic) to shaper psions without the expanded knowledge feat. I wouldn't need incarnate (because I wouldn't have the powers that get incarnated) and I could avoid ectoplasmic swarm (for aesthetic/ethical reasons, see below).  So my psion would have no powers except metacreativity powers.

This is kinda neat, and while low powered for a psion, especially at the higher levels (since there are so few high level metacreativity powers) I don't see that as a bad thing, because most people complain that at the high levels the casters/manifesters are too powerful relative to the fighters.

Metacreativity is one of the psionic disciplines that seems truly new in the psionics book in 3rd ed.  It is not like the usual fiction psionics of telepathy, telekinesis, etc.  Also, creating astral constructs overcomes the ethical issues of summoning or creating sentient beings to do your will, and/or the aesthetic issue of animating undead creatures.  Plus the other metacreativity powers encourage one to think outside the box by McGyverying something out of ectoplasm.  While some people don't like the "only have 1 astral construct around at a time" rule introduced in complete psionic (and to be fair, druids, clerics, wizards and sorcerers have no such rule), it would force me to use the other powers more, which is to the good.

Why won't I get to play it?  Well quite simply most DMs I know don't like psionics. Some feel it is unbalanced (which it was in earlier editions of AD&D but actually is quite well-balanced in 3.5 (arguably more so than the core rule spellcasters!)).  Some don't like the "feel" of psionics in a fantasy game (fair enough - I once reskinned it as "fairy magic" and did fairly well).  Some just don't want yet another system of magic to learn after they learned the core rules system (or whatever favourite system they have, like Elements of Magic, another "point-based" magic system).

There are exceptions:  I briefly got to play a low level psion twice (once in an Eberron campaign, and once in a homebrew) and had fun both times.  But that is all so far.

Ah well.
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Speaking of 3.5, the Beguiler in phb II looks pretty fun to play as well.  Maybe I will get a chance for that one (probably more chance than playing the above psion shaper).
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Post by: Particle_Man on November 04, 2013, 06:15:41 pm
Still on a 3.5 kick I guess.  I want to try an Incarnate/Cleric/Sapphire Hierarch (a kooky prestige class from Magic of Incarnum that worships a big blue rock that fell from the sky and can make predictions about the future - what's not to like?  It is like one of those old "lost colonies" on star trek that went primitive and started worshipping a powerful computer, just before James T. Kirk comes along to wreck it).  I think I would be human and the alignment restrictions pretty much guarantee a LN alignment.  Curiously, one could with a little work enter this prestige class after only one level of incarnate and three levels of cleric, which would mean some loss on the incarnate side (like while one could have soulmelds, one could not "bind" them without help from feats or spells), but also that one would basically be a cleric that lost one level of casting and most of the turn undead abilities, in exchange for an interesting prestige class and some soulmeld shaping abilities.

Some of the incarnate feats would be spent on being able to bind melds, and one on crafting arms and armour (to make more axiomatic weapons, leaving a lasting mark of law on the world).  Also, with the right feats and domains I could at first level cast SM I to get a celestial dog that lasts for 4 rounds!  Woof!

Trouble with playing it?  Well for one thing, the Big Blue Rock is in a hard-to-reach location, so if I do any travelling, I would be out of touch (and some of the SH class abilities, like getting cheap healing/other spell services (10% costs!) and access to Commune spell-like ablities require being at the temple).  Also, the SHs hate chaos the way very holy good folk hate evil, and let's face it, a lot of D&D player characters are pretty darn chaotic.  So this would have to wait for a DM that is willing to allow non-core 3.5 classes *and* a group of players that is willing to play lawful characters that are not beholden to a particular deity (aside from the big blue rock of course).  So I won't hold my breath, but I won't give up hope either.

So, Cleric 3/Incarnate 1/SH 10/Cleric 6/SH forevermore (epic).

Race: Human.  Minimum stats: Con 14 (to make sure I have Con 17 by 13th level when I need to keep up 7 soulmelds), Int 10, Wis as high as possible.
Domains: Law, Incarnum
Skills: max out Concentration, Know (arcana), Know (religion).  If available look to Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Spellcraft.  This is a bookish fellow, raised in this place, and his adventuring outside would be the first time he left the comforts of his "home".

Feats: Midnight Metamagic and Extend Spell at 1st level (+bonus feat Incarnum Spellshaping from domain).  Then Shape Soulmeld at 3rd to get Blink Shirt.  At 6th take Bonus Essentia (more of these always help).  Then Craft Arms and Armour at 9th (to make Axiomatic weapons for the world!).  Then Open Lesser Chakra (shoulders) at 12th, Double Chakra (shoulders) at 15th and Open Greater Chakra (waist) at 18th to make the best use of my three bindings.  At epic levels I would look to Open Soul Chakra, but I have never played epic so who knows what that would be like.

Favourite soulmelds: (Blink Shirt), Lightning Gauntlets, Incarnate Avatar, Bluesteel Bracers, Pauldrons of Health, Strongheart Vest, Planar Ward, Wind Cloak (eventually - replaces Lightning Gauntlets)).  Note that like cleric spells, soulmelds can be switched out daily.  Also, I would not start with all these soulmelds - this would be the "high level version".

His soulmelds are vulnerable to dispel magic, but he is still a cleric, so it is not too bad. 

To streamline the character I might take the following route, DM permitting:

There is an optional rule in Unearthed Arcana that would allow a cleric to give up turning undead and instead get the paladin's smite evil ability (or good for evil clerics) and the paladin's aura of courage.  I like that idea, but would ask the DM if I could have smite chaos instead of smite evil.  If allowed, it would stack with the SH smite chaos and would fit the theme of the character perfectly.
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I talked about this for amonster campaign as a backup character. I would like to try a wyrmling copper dragon that goes straight into horizon walker. While mostly a scout with the appropriate spot,listen,hide and ms, I would like to see how the aerial combat rules in 3.5 d&d actually work, and I would take some of the flight-based feats in the mm. Technically, all of this could be core. Assuming that the mm counts as core.
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Post by: Particle_Man on December 05, 2013, 11:55:59 am
A soulborn has caught my interest.  Now in most ways the soulborn is just a variant paladin, using incarnum/soul melds instead of spells.  On the other hand, the elf racial substitution levels for the CG soulborn allow for something kinda cool: the ranged smite attack (albeit only within 30' and only with bow and arrow).  So taking point blank shot, precise shot, and a *lot* of the extra smiting feat, and using the two bonus incarnum feats to help with ranged attacks, one could do something with it.  It would never be a power house, but it could be fun.  And archery doesn't get much love in 3.5.
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Post by: Particle_Man on December 13, 2013, 11:54:08 pm
3.5 has a lot of combinations that sound cool but are probably a bit sub-optimal.  The Horizon Walker (not saying it is bad, but there are more powerful options).  The Stonechild (+4 LA, 2 outsider hd).  The sword and shield fighting style (generally speaking 2 handed weapon tends to win out).  Naturally I want to combine the three suboptimal choices.   ;D

I guess the most logical way to do it is take 3 levels of ranger, and then max out the horizon walker levels.  After that, I dunno, fighter maybe?
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Post by: Floogal on December 14, 2013, 07:48:22 pm
Well, you'll be level 19 by the time you're finished Horizon Walker.  Might as well take a final fourth level of Ranger to get an animal companion as your capstone.

And Horizon Walker is actually a pretty decent option in a core-only game: at-will Dimension Door every 1d4 rounds at character level 11 (assuming a 0LA race)?  Yes, please!
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Post by: Particle_Man on December 16, 2013, 11:46:28 am
I dunno, I think getting heavy armour proficiency might be good too, and frankly I would feel sorry for a 4th level ranger animal companion in a 20th level game.  That's like a 1st level druid animal companion in a 20th level game.  How would one even try to keep the poor beastie alive?
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Post by: Floogal on December 16, 2013, 08:17:11 pm
Correction: a second level druid animal companion!  But, yeah.

Waiting until level 20 to upgrade to heavy armour doesn't seem worth it; besides, it will prevent you from using your Ranger combat style bonus feat (if it matters).  Just wear mithral breast plate.

Consider instead taking a level in Dwarven Defender (you've already got the Endurance pre-req) or Shadowdancer (Hide in Plain Sight would be really fun with at-will teleporting).

Still, good luck reaching level 20 when you're a melee class with 4 less hit die than your allies.  Better be a really good shield you're using.
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Post by: Particle_Man on December 16, 2013, 09:51:44 pm
Well the thing about dwarven defender is one has to be a dwarf.   ;D

I was thinking of starting in light armour and using missle weapons (and hence the ranger's rapid shot) while my hp were low at lower levels.  At higher levels, my con bonus should begin to make the difference and I should catch up in hp.  The str bonus helps to catch up with the BAB deficiency (except for the extra attacks, but it is hard for a fighter to hit with the last iterative attack anyhow, usually - on the other hand, at least I can get to all four attacks with 16/11/6/1 at level 20 if I take a full BAB class at all 14 class levels that are not racial hit dice).  The con bonus helps the fort save, and there is a feat that can transfer the con bonus to the will save instead of the wis modifier.  Reflex is low, sadly, but if the character catches up in hp at high levels it would be no worse than an ordinary fighter.

At higher levels I would take the level in fighter (at some point, maybe earlier than 20) and perhaps use the extra heavy mountain plate, also available in races of stone (as well as the extreme shield that is there).  I would have the strength to wear and wield them.  They would stack with the racial natural armour bonus, and together could provide a nice AC.  Plus, if I took desert terrain with horizon walker I would be immune to fatigue, meaning I could sleep in heavy armour.

Plus, fighter is a favoured class, so it doesn't hurt xp to have 1 level of fighter and 3 of ranger.  And, well, theme.  I just don't see the stonechild as a shadowdancer, and I prefer not to take 2 prestige classes with this one.  The character seems more direct than that, somehow.  Not a hide in shadows sort of chap.
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 23, 2014, 09:27:59 pm
Another Magic of Incarnum character that looks attractive is the basic Incarnate, without multi-classing.  It would be a less powerful character than going cleric/incarnate/sapphire hierarch, but that might be a good thing in some parties.  Besides, being a totally new magic system, it might be best to see what it is like on its own.

I would go for the Azurin race (a human variant in the same book that gives up the extra skill point per level for a single essentia point (alas, one doesn't gain one extra essentia point per level as a racial bonus - that would be OP).  Then feats could also be from the same book, taking Expanded Soulmeld Capacity three times (allowing three of my soulmelds (decided at the beginning of the day) to potentially be filled with one more essentia point), then a feat to get 2 extra essentia points, and then nothing but double chakra feats until epic levels (double chakra is nice since it allows two soulmelds to fit in (and potentially be bound in) the same chakra space, and not all chakra-binding spaces are created equal - the more central, the more powerful the bind usually is).

This is an interesting character, in that on the one hand I have access to a lot of soulmelds, but have to choose a very limited subset from that to have access to on a particular day (this also applies to the even more limited numbers of bindings for the day).  Then one shuffles around the essentia points between these melds as a swift action to power them up beyond a limited "base power" (the star trek "more power to the shields!  No, to the thrusters!  No to the phasers!" seems to be apt here).

Since some of the 40 or so soulmelds are skill boosters, it pays to put points into skills (even cross-class skills), so spot, diplomacy and use magic device are all candidates (and having at least 1 rank in handle animal might be wise, as that is one of the few skills that both can be boosted by soulmelds and which the soulmeld doesn't make one trained in without a skill rank in it).

And there is the alignment focus (they must be NG, LN, CN, or NE).  I would go NG, I think (another advantage of not going for the axiomatically lawful Sapphire Hierarch).

I see the Incarnate as an attempt to overcome the "linear fighter, quadratic wizard" issue, as at high levels the 3.5 game becomes very different in style, precisely because of the access to high level wizard/cleric/druid spells.  Soulmelds gain a little power (as more binding locations open up) but not nearly to the same extent.  I think I could be DM for the level 20 campaign with fighters, incarnates, and others of that power level and it wouldn't be that much harder to run than a level 3 game, say).  Of course, that is just theoretical at this point.
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Post by: Particle_Man on April 16, 2014, 07:43:35 pm
3.5 D&D has soooooo many races and classes (prestige and base) that I never will get a chance to play them all.  But I have played some flyers (a very fun but windling scout (albeit not a serious combat threat) and a ridiculously overpowered angel, and now would be curious to try the Raptoran race from Races of the Wild, to be reasonably effective in combat without being "superman" (maybe "hawkman"? Or "the black condor?").  A Fighter 5/Storm Talon 5/Fighter 5 would be a basic model for a flying archer.  Raptorans can use a special "footbow" while flying, which allows for 1.5x str bonus to damage for high-strength versions of the bow (similar to a 2 handed meelee weapon).  That said, Raptorans can only glide at first, then at 5 hd can fly for very short bursts (so aerial combat would probably involved flying, gliding, flying, landing, flying, gliding, etc., and then at 10 hd can finally fly freely.  The Storm Talon prestige class allows for the use of the feet (talons, get it?) as natural weapons, as well as faster flight and bonus feats (like the fighter, but from a different (and smaller) pool).  I would also take the raptoran racial substitution levels at fighter levels 1, 4 and 8 of fighter, costing me 2 bonus feats and the ability to use heavy armour, but gaining me the ability to fly in medium armour, a small meelee bonus damage if I am flying and higher than my opponent, and a small bonus to speed.  Eventually this adds up to a flight speed of 90 feet!  But I start smaller, at 40 feet, which is plenty.

On the upside, this character can be made with "core + 1", which I sometimes like for the simplicity.  So drawing on feats in the phb, mm (both core) and races of the wild (the same book in which raptorans appear) one could get something like this:

Skill: spot (cross-class for fighter, class skill for storm talon, maxed out as much as possible, and unless I have universally high stats I strongly doubt I would get even an average intelligence (it really depends on the chargen rules which vary by campaign) so that is it for skills).

Feats: 1: Point-Blank Shot, F1: Precise Shot, F2: Rapid Shot, 3: Far Shot, 6: Many Shot, S7: Fly By Attack, 9: Weapon Focus (footbow), S9: Improved Flight (so good instead of average maneuverability), S11: forget the name but in races of the wild it gives a bonus to reflex saves while flying based on maneuverability, so +3 for me, 12: Improved Precise Shot, S13: Wingover, 15: Weapon Specialization (footbow), S15: Multi-attack (so talon strikes are -2 instead of -5), F16: Greater Weapon Focus (footbow), 18: Improved Unarmed Strike, F20: Deflect Arrows.  If I want more offence at the cost of defence the last two feats could be replaced by improved critical (footbow) and plunging shot (extra 1d6 damage with projectiles to those 30 feet below me - yay gravity!).

High dex, con and str are all useful for this character.  Wis couldn't hurt, for will saves and spot.  Int and chr would be the lower priority stats.

The disadvantage to this character is that 3.5 D&D has a rather complex and rarely used subsystem for aerial combat.  Suddenly facing is important (a possible holdover from earlier editions of  AD&D when facing mattered for "grounded" characters), as the direction you are facing determines your direction of flight.  Also, that direction is tracked in 3 dimensions, not 2, which is hard to represent on the typical battlemat.   How much you can turn, and how much movement you can use, whether you can hover, your speed going down  or up rather than parallel to the ground, and other factors (like a distance you must travel after flying downwards before you can fly upwards again) all suddenly are introduced.  Plus, you have to fly at least half your flight speed each round or fall/land.  This means that a higher flight speed is not necessarily an unqualified positive in combat!

Now me, I wouldn't mind trying it out, and maneuverability (good) would be a fun place to try it out because I would be good enough that I can do a lot of cool things, but not perfect so I would still have to put some work in placing my character in the right place at the right time (and headed in the right direction!).  But I imagine that many DMs would either disallow it as too complicated, or would handwave it into simplicity, which would be . . . ok, I guess, but not as much I would hope for trying out with such a character.

As a variant character (and going well beyond core +1 to core +3), the scout class from complete adventurer goes with raptoran like cookies and milk, as the flying raptoran can easily get the bonus to skirmish damage (and AC).  Add in fly by attack, manyshot and (from the expanded psionics handbook) greater manyshot, and a level 20 scout could add +5d6 to each of three missle attacks.  Heck, complete scoundrel might even have a feat that lets one mix scout and fighter levels for more goodness, although then one has to watch out for favoured class penalties (raptorans favour cleric - a rare favoured class indeed!).  But pure scout gains goodies like blindsense and (as a capstone ability) blindsight!  But frankly I am fine with the fighter/storm talon/fighter as a flying archer.
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There is a simple Superhero game called BASH so I will make a version of Steeljack from Astro City.  Steeljack was a villain but reformed.  I am assuming he decided to go full on hero rather than just find a regular job.

So the street level heroes have 25 points.  Steeljack is strong, tough and has metal skin.  So, let's go with the highest starting Brawn of 5 (10 points) and a good Agility of 2 (4 points - this is the level of a very agile normal, but Steeljack has been fighting for years so I think he would be good at it) and a Mind of 1 (2 points - average).

I will give him a damaging weakness to magnetic attacks (gives back 2 points).

For skills (each with a free emphasis) I would take one mental skill for my mind score (Streetwise: emphasis crime, multiplier at x1)) and two physical skills for my agility score (Stealth: emphasis hiding, and then Stealth again to increase the multiplier to x3).  So not that skilled, but then Steeljack isn't.  Skills otherwise don't cost points like traits and powers do.

Advantages and Disadvantages also work outside the point system (for every advantage you choose, take a disadvantage).  So, for disadvantages there is Freak (I look like a very shiny steel dude) and Public ID (I've been in jail - everyone knows who I am and was).  For advantages I would take Never Surrender (gives me a burst of energy when I am down for the count, once per session) and Fearless (I've fought the heroes and know the villains, been there, done that).

Back to Powers.  Armour 3 (3 points) makes sense (my defense soak goes up to x8 from x5 from my Brawn) and I will take the defect always on (no extra points but it seems realistics and backs up "freak").  I have fought for long enough that Special Attack: Badass Fighter 5 (5 points) works (I increase my attack from x2 from agility to x6, and my damage from x5 from brawn to x6 - a well rounded fighter).  My dodge I leave at my ability base score of x2, so I get hit a lot, but am hard to actually hurt. I will also spend 3 points on Mind Shield: Iron Will (get it?  Iron Will?  I slay me!) 3 (3 points) to bring my mental defence from x1 to x7.

Mental Malfunction (as in motive) - I would say to try to atone for my criminal past (bank robbing).

Now my points works out exactly at 25.  If I had more points left ofter I could have used them as hero points (lots of uses for those) and if I needed more points I could have overspent, giving my GM setback points (like hero points but the GM gets to use them).  Either would refresh each session.  Note that characters can earn extra hero points within a session, but they are "use em or lose em".

And that, roughly speaking, is that.  The mechanics are fairly simple (take 2d6 roll, multiply by the multiplier, compare the result to a static number or an opposing similar roll). 

It is a supers game that does a heck of a lot for simple mechanics, and I would like to play it one day, but around these parts everyone is "mutants and masterminds or nothing!" so it may be a while.
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I am running a 5th ed D&D game and it rocks on toast!  I hope someday to play in one.

Until then, here is something I would like to try:  A half-orc Barbarian! (gasp!).

Part of the reason for this is that 5e is simplified enough that I can stomach the rage here a lot more than I could the rage/fatigue in, say 3rd edition/pathfinder.  First of all, for regular rage there is no fatigue (although there is exhaustion on the frenzy path).  Second, the rage (and exhaustion) are greatly simplified: extra damage + resistance during rage, disadvantage on ability checks during 1st stage of exhaustion, etc.

Also, the half-orc seems to have racial abilities that are "high level barbarian-lite" and also stack with the barbarian class abilities.

Anyhow, creating it is easy.  Use the array, put 14 str, 15 con, 13 dex, 12 wis, 10 chr, 8 int.  Racial mods put str and con both to 16 (this makes my unarmoured ac 14, which is just fine at 1st level).  Take the outlander background.  For skills I would get intimidate (free), athletics, perception, survival and stealth (if you double up a skill from class/race and background, just pick a new skill.  Very handy!).  The background also gives me proficiency in a musical instrument (flute), which I could purchase with 2 of the 10 gp the background gives me.  Start with Great axe, shortbow (presumably with some arrows) and four javelins, an explorer's pack, a hunting trap, a rabbit's foot (my first kill!), travelling close, a belt pouch and a staff (in case something needs bludgeoning, I guess).  No armour or shield needed, really (I want to fight with a great axe, which means no shield anyhow).

At higher levels, increase str by two twice, then con by two twice (maxing them out to 20), then at 19th level instead of a +2 stat improvement take the resilient feat to increase dex by one and get proficiency in dex saves (very nice to get a +6 boost at high levels, and also fits a theme of "good physical saves"!).  This would bring the 20th level stats (with the barbarian 20th level bonus explicitly breaking the "20" cap on abilities that otherwise exists in 5e) to str 24, dex 14, con 24, int 8, wis 12, chr 10.  So now my unarmoured AC is a respectable 19 (quite high in 5e).  Take the berserker path but don't get stupid with overusing the frenzy ability (I would do it no more than once per day and save it for the "boss monster" usually - it is very hard to remove multiple levels of exhaustion).  For most encounters, rage alone will do. 

If I came in at 20th level, I note that 5e would give me wayyyyy fewer magic items than 3rd ed in a standard campaign.  First of all, I would have about 21500 gp, but no guarantee of buying any but common magic items like potions of healing/climbing.  Second, I would (for the "standard" campaign) get assigned one rare and two uncommon magical items (say a +2 great axe, a javelin of lightning (very cool in 5e), and a periapt of wound closure).  I am fine with that, but those coming from a 3rd ed background are going to experience a bit of a shock.   ;)

Let's see, chaotic good, speaks common, orc and giant (extra language from outlander background, seems to fit - orcs and ogres interact sometimes).   A child by marriage alliance between an orc and human tribe, he was taken by his mother far away when the alliance broke down and the tribes fell to war again (his father was likely killed in the battle).  He lived in the wild with his mother Belloca as a hunter-gathering tribe of two, but after she died he was on his own.  He resists the lure of Gruumsh (that urges all orcs and half-orcs to be evil) and sees the party as a new, better "tribe" that he can watch over.  He has had visions of something nasty happening in the future, and tends to drink to keep these visions away.  He believes that change is the only constant in life, and is in the habit of wandering (some might call it wanderlust - he just doesn't feel comfortable staying too long in one place).

Keth is ready to smash!  The critical hit rules in 5e have you double the dice (in the case of a great axe that means 2d12 + X instead of 1d12  + X).  But half-orcs add another weapon die for 3d12 + X, and at high levels, barbarians just add more dice.  So a natural 20 (no need to confirm the crit in 5e) becomes nasty.

Anyhow, this would be a "cut loose" character, and maybe I will play it sometime.  It is a barbarian with less paperwork, which is fitting, in a meta-sense.
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Another one from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, for D&D 3.5:

I like the idea of a dwarf crusader "Diesa Dankil" of Moradin, and would heavily use the Martial Study/Martial Stance feats to get a nice minor teleport at 9th level (the shadow side) and fire resistance/immunity from a desert wind stance and a great save boost at 15th level from the Diamond Mind school.  I would also take a boost that adds 10' to the movement rate (to counter the whole slow dwarf thing a bit).  Now the fire res/immunity runs off of tumble ranks, so I would max out tumble.  And since it is a dwarf, I could actually USE that tumble even while in heavy armour!  One of the nice little quirks about 3.5.

I dunno, maybe I will play that one day.  But currently a lot of people that would be running 3.5 like running Pathfinder instead.

It is a nice character concept.  I could do it using only the core books and the Book of Nine Swords (well, since I don't like to pick out my own magic items (barring craft magic item feats, I prefer to leave that sort of thing in the DM's hands), I technically could do it using only the Players' Handbook and the Book of Nine Sworlds).  I am obsessive enough that I used the array and picked out her skills, maneuvers and feats at every level from 1 to 20, but I will spare you all the details unless someone really wants them.
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Mutants and Masterminds 3rd ed. is a pretty cool system, and I like that with the DC license they got stats out for a lot of DC heroes and villains (partly because it took awhile to get my head around how to build super-powers with 3rd ed.  It is the opposite of my usual mindset).

Anyhow, I got this idea in my head for "The Doorman", a, well, doorman at one of those Major Pubs where celebrities go to be seen, and who was, on camera, gifted by an alien with special powers as Earth's one and only agent of the aliens mysterious but heroic organization of the Guardians of the Portals, thus gaining the Fame and Responsibilty complications in one shot (mind you the "gifting" also reworked his mind a bit, giving it some memory holes (thus no skill points).  I see him as a Powerhouse (at least at first).  My idea would be to front-load him with powers and traits, and then use experience points to buy up the skills, advantages, etc., as the neophyte learned more about how to be a more effective superhero.

I have played both at PL 8 and PL 10 and this character would not be that different at either level (but with the extra 7 points at PL 10 I could get some cool powers, wait and see!).

Gus Royal, "The Doorman"

Traits (if PL 8): Strength 12, Stamina 12 (with Impervious Toughness 12), Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect -1, Awareness 4, Presence 0.

Traits (if PL 10): Str/Sta 15 (with Impervious Toughness 15), Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 5, Intellect -1, Awareness 5, Presence 0.

Powers: Regeneration 10
Immunity (Critical Hits)
Senses: Counters all Concealment and Counters Illusion (both on Visual) and Distance Sense.
Portal Power!   (Teleport 1 Portal, 60', Accurate, Change Velocity, each person can carry 200 lbs)
     Array (Teleport 1 Extended Only, Accurate, Change Velocity, Easy, can carry up to 400 lbs, 2 miles)
      Array (Dimensional Travel (only to the dimension Ur-Ma-Ket (and back again!), a realm coterminous with ours but filled with illusions, shadows, mist, etc., a land of smoke and mirrors), Affects Others, each can carry 1600 lbs).

Additional Powers (only if PL 10): Remote Sensing 1 (All, Dimensional (Ur-Ma-Ket), No Conduit, Simultaneous, Noticeable (creates negative image phantom body).

Gus has no secret identity, party because of how visibly he gained his powers, partly because no matter what he wears, his chest and back have a large rectangle showing various images, at random, of the surrounding 2 mile area both of here and of Ur-Ma-Ket. Also, his eyes are black, starry fields.

He is a bruiser, a puncher, and tough to put down, but has a lot to learn.  But that is pretty good for a 20 year old high school dropout!
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Here, I'll contribute something so Particle_Man isn't just talking to himself...

You know the classic archtype of the human who rejects society, and goes off to live in the woods as a surly, primitive savage?  I'd like to try the opposite of that: a lizardfolk who rejects her backwater tribe & goes off to live in human/halfling/etc. society.  I was thinking a friendly bard, focused on support, maybe a bit of archery.

Why I probably won't get to play this character: lizardfolk are a non-core race, which turns off many GMs right away.  Even then, by default they're more powerful than a standard race, so altering them would be necessary.  Since I'd be choosing this for fluff & not powergaming, I'd be perfectly fine with just taking a human/half-orc, changing the type to humanoid(reptillian), and calling it a day.  (Take improved unarmed strike, max out Swim & Acrobatics, and besides lower numbers you're close enough to approximating the race.)

Why lizardfolk?  The point of this concept is to be someone who everyone assumes is a fish out of water, but actually isn't (she just thinks human society, festivals, technology, etc. are all so awesome!).  So I'd want to play a race that is immediately assumed to not to work in a civilized setting -- and lizardfolk (at least, according to their 3.5/Pathfinder description) typically reject modern technology in favour of tradition, making them a perfect fit.  Also, they're "party friendly," in that they're one of the best non-core races for not making life too difficult for everyone else.  Kobolds and goblins tend to be seen as pests, bugbears and ogres are "evil monsters", merfolk and giants have physical restrictions that make getting around difficult, and, really, most creatures have abilities that are unbalanced for PCs (but would be too noticeable if removed).  Not to say that this character wouldn't have any prejudice to deal with, but that's why being a bard with diplomacy helps, and, really, half the fun of playing an exotic race is trying to fit in and/or avoiding pitchfork mobs.

Mechanically, once the race issue is sorted out, it would be a typical bard: buffing, support, and social skills.  Probably have Precise Shot, so she can support with archery without being useless at it.  Personality-wise, she'd be realistic & be willing to ignore initial reactions & give everyone a second chance, and would be easy-going enough to ignore hecklers that aren't worth her time.  But she's proud of her race and heritage; she won't use disguises or magic to hide who she is just to make life easier.  While she doesn't personally like the lifestyle she was born in (and thinks they're being a bit stubborn and silly refusing a few of the conveniences of modern society), she loves her home and sends back gifts during her travels.  Always enjoys taking part in local events, visiting bars to chat people up, sharing stories.  Never tells people her gender, as she delights in teasing people when they assume wrong (as lizardfolk have no obvious sexual dimorphism, from what I can tell).

I imagine her being neutral good, and would adventure with people mostly as an excuse to travel and explore.
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Post by: Particle_Man on March 25, 2015, 09:27:17 am
I like it!  At high levels, I could see her bringing the gift of civilization to the other lizardfolk.
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I am running a 5th ed D&D game and it rocks on toast!  I hope someday to play in one.

Until then, here is something I would like to try:  A half-orc Barbarian! (gasp!).

Well whaddaya know!  I got to play one!  Actually his close cousin, a goliath barbarian, but I think that works better (I probably would have originally posted goliath if that had come out early enough).  Instead of greataxe I went with shield and warhammer, which probably saved the character's life.  We'll see how long the campaign lasts but hey, I got to play one of the characters I talk about on this thread!  Woot!
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Post by: Espie on June 09, 2015, 10:32:19 am
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Post by: Particle_Man on June 26, 2015, 08:59:05 am
Yet another 7th Sea character, this time inspired by a mix of The Bourne Identity and Fawlty Towers' Manuel.  He washes up onshore with an ugly wound to the back of the head and no memory.  He slowly regains skills and abilities (so experience points are spent to regain these) and comes to realize that, based on what he can do, he was probably not a nice person.  But he doesn't remember his past, his family, or even his name.

So, Castille, max out traits (80 points), Foul-Weather Jack (5 points) gives background Amnesia 4 (free), Academy (4), University (2), Skills: Courtier, Criminal, Sailor, Spy, Athlete, Dirty Fighting, Fencing, Riding, Wrestling (9).  Speaks Castille (free).  No virtue/hubris, no card draws for background.

There is a comedy element too (unless someone else speaks Castille too, there will be a lot of gesturing and misunderstanding) because it is 7th Sea so it won't be *that* dark.  Eventually he will pick up other languages (again, I am going on the conceit that some of them he knew in his former life).  Aside from that, most xp would be spent on knacks (again, with the idea of regaining knowledge).  When confronted with his dark past, does he embrace it once more, or reject it utterly?
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Post by: Particle_Man on December 23, 2015, 12:33:39 am
I was paging through Mutants and Masterminds and reflecting on Futurama and came up with a Hypnotoad Dude, a human-sized bipedal toad creature with mind control powers.

toughness 15 (very rubbery, very hard to hurt) (30)
will/parry/dodge 5 (that said, he can avoid the riff-raff) (15)
Expertise (something or other) (everyone needs a job, right?) 10 (5)
fearless (just because) (1)
leaping 7 (he is a toad-man, after all - capped at 7 for simplicity as things get weird for timing if you leap further). (7)

affliction: mind control 10 (alt. effect) (all hail the hypnotoad!) (61)
a)single target, perception ranged, cumulative, progressive
b)cone, range close, area +4

The character is incomplete.  For one thing, at PL 10 he still has 31 points to spend.  For another, I haven't fleshed out background stuff, complications, etc.  But it was kicking around my head.  If others have ideas on how to spend the 31 extra points feel free to post here.

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I thought about the Sapphire Hierarch (from 3.5 D&D's Magic of Incarnum) again, but this time was wondering if I can capture that feel in 5th edition.  I think I can.

Take the alternate human race, cleric class with the knowledge domain, take the "skilled" feat to get extra skills and the Hermit background.  This should give a host of skills, which will fit.  From Religion, Medicine, Arcana (x2), History (x2), Insight, Perception, Stealth, Persuasion, Investigation and Nature.

The "discovery" of the hermit would be that the Eidolon, a gift from [insert LN god of Knowledge here] to mortals, will be better able to predict the future the more esoteric knowledge is gathered and brought to it.  Thus the Sapphire Hierarchs have a holy duty to find rare pieces of knowledge throughout their careers and eventually return it to the monastery where the Eidolon sits.

Start with stats at int 13, wis 15, con14, others 10, increase wis and int (eventually to 20).

And viola, the 5th edition Sapphire Hierarch returns (and I would even get to play him from 1st level as such)!  Now of course you don't get all the mechanics of the 3.5 version, but 5th edition is slimmed down for a reason, after all.
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I guess I keep going back to the Crusader.  It is a nice fit for my style of play and the powers have an interesting random mechanic.  I might change the name, though . . .

Anyhow, I was thinking of a Dwarven Crusader that takes Martial Study/Martial Stance 3x each (and Extra Granted Maneuver) in order to get some variety (so some Desert Wind at 1st level to get a free flank to self or another, leading to the stance at 3rd giving resistance (and eventual immunity) to fire, then eventually a move action self-teleport (50' only and need line of effect and sight, but still) and a spider climb stance, and then a +level to save maneuver and finally the "I don't actually die" stance (one flaw of the Crusader is that you need to multi-class or take a feat to get access to their top level stances.  The feat at first level lets me take tumble as a class skill, and dwarves don't slow down in armour in 3.5 so that means tumbling in heavy armour!

Maybe a dwarf that was told by his god to join a circus and watch out for a "chosen one" to protect as a starting adventure seed . . .

I do like that all the feats come out of the same book as the class.  Makes things nice and neat.

Alas, with an infant to take care of it will be a while before I can play this one, and who knows how popular 3.5 D&D will even be by then?  Not that this stopped me from planning out maneuvers from 1st to 20th level.  ;)
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There is a 5th edition D&D character that I won't play because likely it is hilariously unbalanced and few dms would allow it.  But a long time ago there was this "card and booklet" fighting game called Lost Worlds (you might want to look it up - it was quite interesting really), and in it you played warrior types that duelled.


One of those booklets was "skeleton with scimitar and shield", probably inspired by the harryhausen-style skeletons in the old Hercules and Sinbad movies.


Anyhow, on p. 282 of the DMG there is a table for various monsters as NPC races.  One of those entries is the Skeleton.  Horrible int/chr, good dex, darkvision, mute, doesn't neet to eat/sleep/breathe, immune to poison damage and to being poisoned . . . and to exhaustion.

That last is golden for a barbarian that takes the berserker path, since the key flaw to that path is getting a level of exhaustion, such levels being so brutal in 5e that it severely limits that paths's frenzy ability (its most attractive feature).

So I could see the skeleton berserker as a whirling dervish type.  And yes skeletons are evil, but here is where the "essence of PCness" comes to the rescue and just as there is a certain famous "one good drow" I imagine there could be a certain "one good skeleton" (if the dm allowed a pc skeleton at all, I don't this alignment would be a problem).

Anyhow, after racial modes, maybe level 1 would be str/dex/con 15, wis 10, int/chr 4.  No feats, just improve str.con, then str twice, then con twice.

Background . . . hmmmm . . . that could require some speciality background.  Sailor might work (perhaps with a sailor/pirate background (bad reputation more for being a skeleton than for being a pirate, but still)?  That could hit a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, as long as I am collecting movie-skeleton memes.  Probable skills: athletics, acrobatics, perception and stealth.

Not sure how being turned would work for a pc skeleton, but there is probably a way to wing it.
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Playing a paladin in Pathfinder now, which makes me wonder how I would play an assassin in a party with a paladin. 

Well the nice thing about pathfinder is that you don't detect as evil until you are level 5.  This gives me some breathing room so long as I have a high bluff skill and don't do anything obviously evil (nothing in front of the paladin, nothing that could get back to the paladin).  Fortunately assassins favour intelligence.

However, by the time I take the assassin class I would be character level 6.  The solution?  Get the "undetectable alignment" spell.  Two ways to do this in core: 1 level of bard or 3 levels of cleric.  I think the latter would give me an "aura of evil" at 1st level, too early for me to get the spell to hide it (if the spell can even hide auras - I am not sure of that), so bard it is.

What about the other 4 levels pre-assassin?  I kinda like the monk.  4 levels of that gets you good saves and your hands act as magic weapons, which is a nice touch.  And an assassin with no obvious weapons can just be a servant in the background.

Anyhow that fixes the alignment in stone: LE (another nice thing about pathfinder - bards can be any alignment).

For race I like the half-elf: it has two favoured classes, and I like the "doesn't fit in either world" idea as a background.  And the skill focus racial feat could be for perception which added to keen senses adds a wallop.  For traits let's go for 'resilient' (shores up a slightly weaker save) and 'poverty-striken' (I don't otherwise get survival as a class skill, so useful) - yes, this hardened killer had a poor deprived childhood.  Society is to blame, I tell ya. ;)

What about the assassin prereq?  Well one thing that bothered me is "must kill someone for no other reason than to join the assassin's guild" but then there is nothing saying I couldn't have done that before starting my adventuring career.  Especially if I start with monk (a secret monastery of monk-assassins seems movie-riffic somehow).  So, Monk for three levels, then a level of bard, then the 4th level of monk, and then assassin from levels 6-15.  After that, maybe Master Spy just to keep the Death Attack DC going up.

I sorta see this character joining the party by finding the most noble-looking or leader-type of the other pcs and trying to sign on as a servant/butler/jeeves type.  Be useful.  Serve loyally.  If I can't convincingly fake LG, I might at least pull off LN. 

To add to the usefulness maybe take the feat breadth of experience (half-elves have elven blood so can take feats that elves can take).  I think maybe the Court Bard archetype would be amusing (instead of buffing allies, I would slightly debuff enemies by saying "How *dare* you attack my master/mistress, you horrible, horrible people" in my best Baby Stewie voice.

Now eventually someone's going to realize I am casting undetectable alignment every day.  When that happens, I need to have a good story about it being a family tradition of privacy (in my best butler voice) and hope that works.

So those are my thoughts so far.  I haven't thought too hard about my other bard spell or any of the cantrips.  But if I choose Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation as cantrips and Expeditious Retreat as my other level 1 spell, I don't require any focus or material components, which is nice.
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Main problem I can see is that it's not 100% clear how Undetectable Alignment interacts with Detect Evil.  Do you ping as "no Evil found here" or "can't determine alignment" (the latter of which would arouse suspicion)?

Really, I wouldn't bother with hiding your alignment at all.  Just say that you're travelling with the group because of a vision or religous command or something, you should be able to bluff the Paladin and convince him/her that you won't be trouble, if anything simply so that you can get done whatever you need to get done as soon as possible and go home.  Any Paladin worth their salt would be giddy at the thought of being able to reform an unwilling evil ally over time.

Don't forget the feat Ability Focus (Death Attack), from the bestiary.  GM should allow it.

As for Assassin itself, the prestige class mostly amounts to Death Attack, poison use, and Rogue abilities.  If Death Attack is mostly what you want, consider the following build that isn't quite so amazing at killing, but is much better at infiltrating:

Urban Druid 6 / Assassin 1 / Master Spy 10 / ???
- At-will humanoid shapechanging at level 6 is amazing.  If you need a weapon, try a lizardfolk or something with natural weapons; probably your best combat form, 3 attacks at your highest BAB (all of which can get sneak attack).
- Repose or Knowledge domains would contain spells/abilities most useful, I'd think.
- Death Attack is delayed until level 7, and DC is one-lower than pure Rogue/Assassin build as a result.
- At character level 9, you can change your apparent alignment to whatever you want at will.  Perfect if joining the Paladin party after level 8, or otherwise you can convince him/her you genuinely reformed from evil.

- After finishing Master Spy, take more levels of Assassin to increase the Death Attack DC, or more levels of Druid to be able to Death Attack while wildshaped as a dog or pony or something.
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I would assume that undetectable alignment simply hides the alignment, so that detect evil would say "no evil found here".  Otherwise undetectable alignment would not be a very useful spell.

Ability focus is interesting, thanks!
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I was too sick to game,  :'(  so, as I sometimes do to amuse myself, I rolled stats as if for a character (in Pathfinder, as that was the game I was missing). I got, I kid you not, the following with 4d6 drop the lowest:

18, 4, 18, 3, 16, 8.

If I rolled that for real I would be very tempted to put the 3 in Con, take an Elf, and see how long I could survive with a Con 1 character. In a way it would be very old school. There would be no negative hit points to worry about - as soon as I got below 0 hp I would be dead. And I wouldn't have to keep track of con poison damage or drain - as soon as I lost even 1 Con I would be dead. It would make Raistlin seem like Rasputin in comparison!   :)
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Might as well make it a Wizard or Sorcerer.  No need to roll for HP each level (since it would be d6 - 5, minimum 1; i.e. always 1).
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Another idea I have that would likely be suboptimal but stylish.  A Pathfinder fighter/duellist sylph.

The idea being go for scimitar (there's a feat for this, see below) and the whirlwind attack feat tree, plus weapon finesse and improved initiative by level 6.  Then go duellist and take all the sylph racial feats (some of which are amazing, like fly at will, and some are weird but ok, like see through fog, and one of which is a "get the party out of trouble" plane shift to the elemental plane of air . . . but you have to find your own way back to the Prime Material Plane). 

edit: Well well, there are some useful things out there in pathfinderland.  The Dervish Dancer feat allows one to do duellist things with a scimitar and also allows one to use dex instead of str for attacks/damage with it.  The lore warden archetype gives me back the feat I would lose since I need combat expertise to get whirlwind attack.  I would also take the Focused Weapon feature of Advanced Weapon Training at level 19.  This would make the scimitar be a d8 weapon at level 19 and a d10 weapon at level 20. Although I must admit I don't expect to play at such exalted levels so this is just for the crafting of the character more than anything else.

This would not be a high damage build (it would be ok, but not great) and would require high int and dex (which to be fair sylph gives).  I could see it as a spring attack annoyance (assuming there are other fighter types to hold the line while I nip in, sting the foe, and nip out) and occasional whirlwind against a hoard of lesser foes (although that might combine interestingly with the parry/riposte of the duellist at higher levels, now that I think on it).

After 16th I don't have a strong feel for the character, I guess I would round out the scimitar feats: Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Improved Critical.

For racial abilities I would trade out the lightning resistance 5 for the +5 movement rate, and the air magic stuff for the bonus to ac vs nonmagical ranged attacks/occasional trip.  I'd keep the feather fall as a racial ability (both because at low levels I might need it and at higher levels when I can fly I could still save others with it).

There were some sylph traits but I didn't see much in them that I liked.  I would go for one giving me +2 init (might as well max that out - maybe it will counter my horrible dice luck when it comes to initiative rolls) and the follower of sarenrae one that give 2 fire damage on crits with scimitars (if I am going to use this weapon I might as well get the only trait that requires one to use this weapon).

Anyhow, I may play this one day if the dice gods are kind and other players are tolerant of my non-optimization.
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I am playing Pathfinder now, so am thinking of some concepts (maybe I will play one of them, but it is unlikely I will play *all* of them).

One would be a sylph fighter/duellist, going for whirlwind attack + lunge as well as the sylph racial feats (which include flight by level 9).  Also, would take a feat that lets one use dex mod instead of str mod for attack and damage with scimitars and lets one do duellists stuff with that weapon.  Probably would worship Sarenrae.

Another would be an ifrit sorcerer (celestial bloodline, wishcrafter archetype) - basically I get a higher caster level if someone else as an immediate action says "I wish for X" and I have a spell I can cast that does X.  I can only help each person once per 24 hours, and I have to have a relevant spell, of course.  It gets hinky at higher levels (I can make someone save or blurt out their deepest wish, which of course I can then grant, but perhaps in a twisted fashion which they have a penalty to save vs.).

Now that "prestigious spellcaster" is a feat, I could see a sorcerer/dragon disciple doing quite well.  For a feat tax of 4 feats, I would retain full caster progression!

Another option for whirlwind attack/lunge would be someone with a reach weapon.

Another interesting rules resolution by Pathfinder means that half-orcs can take feats that have a racial requirement of human.  Such as the Racial Heritage feat, which lets one take feats normally restricted to yet another race.  So . . . imagine a half-orc whose human side has a little kobold in it (and that kobold perhaps intermixed with green dragon if one goes back far enough).  This half-orc replaces the racial ability Ferocity with Toothy for a bite attack.  Then this Fighter would take the feats: Racial Heritage (kobold), Draconic Aspect (green), Draconic Breath, Noxious Bite, Draconic Glide, Draconic Paragon for the non-combat feats through 11th, and Dodge, Mobility, Combat Expertise, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Lunge for the combat feats through 12th.  Another alternative is to go Barbarian or Bloodrager instead of fighter, if one want to max out the DC and duration of noxious bite (which can nauseate opponents) vs. gaining more noxious bites if surrounded by foes.  Either way it would take a while for all the pieces to come together, but once it does it would be quite interesting!
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Another thought is to just go heavy on the natural attacks for the kobold:

Start with a kobold (natch) and modify to get the bite attack (sadly losing the armour). Probably going to trade away the darkvision and light sensitivity too (low light vision is . . . ok).  Maybe get wild forest runner for a pereception boost, or maybe get the gliding wings early.

Unchained Rogue class to start with, and one of the talents will be the one that makes sneak attacks cause bleed damage.

Feats: Draconic Aspect (1), Draconic Breath (3), Noxious Bite (5).

For Rogue talents get Bleeding attack at level 2 and combat feat (tail terror) at level 4.

Now take two levels of ranger, going for the natural attack route:

Feats: Aspect of the Beast (claws) (Ranger bonus feat at 7), Flensing Strike (7).

Then take one level of Witch (White Haired Witch archtype). Then back to unchained Rogue unless I can think of something better.

Feats: Eldritch Claws (9), kobold precision (11).  The first lets me beat magic and silver DR with natural attacks, the second is a kobold feat that gives an extra 1d6 to sneak attacks to opponents that are nauseated (remember that noxious bite can nauseate victims if they fail their saves!), among other conditions.

At this point I have 4 primary natural attacks (bite/claw/claw/hair) and one secondary natural attack (tail). All with sneak attack and a chance of a nauseating bite.

After that it is a long slog to get wing attacks but I will slog:

A rogue talent at level 13 (10 levels of rogue) gets me a feat and I can get draconic glide with it and then the regular level 13 feat can be draconic paragon.  This get me wings to fly with but not wing attacks.

Level 15 I take skill focus (fly).  Level 17 I take Powerful wings (assuming I can get str 13 somehow - hopefully not impossible by this level, even for a kobold).  Now I have wing attacks (secondary but what the heck).  So primary: bite/claw/claw/hair and secondary wing/wing/tail

As I now have three secondary attacks, it makes sense to get the multiattack feat at level 19.

I am presuming a very resource-poor campaign with little "down time" so I cannot depend on either making or finding magic weapons (a kobold tail attachment would be nice . . .).

For racial traits I am thinking of wild forest runner, day raider (as well as draconic bite).

For traits maybe the magical lineage one (raised by a witch, so I would be a 3rd level caster when I get that witch level, plus it could explain why a kobold even *has* white hair) and adopted (half-orc raised by orcs), and finish the fight.   

Other rogue talents? Well Sacred Sneak Attack looks good, as does  Minor Magic (Acid Splash does well wish sneak attack in the surprise round at range). At the higher levels, Crippling Strike, Unwitting Ally and Opportunist all look pretty good.
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Well, my friends warned me it would be complex, but I am going to try to make a kineticist, Pathfinder's answer to the warlock.

Since it is a "Try to grok the character" build, I will refrain from using too many books for it - so I will use traits from the advanced players' guide (because *everybody* uses those these days in Pathfinder games) but otherwise stick to the core and occult adventures.

So one thing one does with the character is pick a primary element.  In occult adventures that means Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Heart (no wait, that is Captain Planet) I mean Aether, the element of telekinesis.  Interestingly, Earth has nothing to do with acid in this class's abilities, which is a departure from the standard.  Also, there is no "Sonic" equivalent - at least not yet.

Now there is a provision later (7th or 15th level) to branch out a bit into more than one element, but I think I will try Earth all the way, and see what that gets me.  That means that when I pick wild talents I choose from either the Earth list or the Universal list.

So, a geokineticist.  Race, dwarf (they get a bonus with overflow damage as their favoured class ability and a con bonus which is good for this class, and besides, dwarf and earth go together like cookies and milk).  Also, a dwarf can use a battle axe at 1st level so I don' t need kinetic blade at 1st, even if things get suddenly melee on me.

The main feature of this character is an "Earth Blast", a basic blast that goes 30 feet as a ranged attack (this is a physical attack - if I had chosen an element with an energy attack I would be doing touch attacks but for less damage).  Con bonus is added to the damage.  So some obvious feats would be point blank shot and precise shot, and toughness isn't a bad idea either (there is something called burn, related to non-lethal damage that can't be removed, so more hp is good).

Now the basic blast can be modified according to four things: form infusions (maximum 1), substance infusions (maximum 1), and at higher level, element composition (the blast can become a metal blast at level 7 for more damage) and metakinesis (basically adding the equivalent of metamagic feats - for example, empower blast at level 5).  All of these cost "burn" and every point of burn makes me take my level in nonlethal damage, with no possibility of healing until I rest.  How much burn I could take per round is limited (so maximum 1 per round at level 1) and how much I can carry around during the day is also limited (con bonus  + 3).  At low levels, it would be good to avoid burn.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid burn: at level 1 you can spend actions (move or full round) to "gather" the power which will help if one blasts by the end of one's next turn.  At higher levels, one can get a "burn discount" on infusion costs, and at much higher levels a slight discount on element composition costs and on metakinesis costs.  So, I suspect that this is the complicated part. 

In addition to blasts, there are other ways to get burn (such as using a "souped up" version of certain utility or defence powers).  Until 6th level, one would just suck up the burn, but after that one can take burn beforehand to store energy in a buffer that one could draw on later to reduce the burn costs of blasts or of utility or defence powers).

All of these (infusions and utility powers and so forth) are called wild talents.  They make the class more interesting.  Roughly speaking, you get an infusion every odd level and a utility power every even level (well I get a sort of mage hand with earth thing at 1st level).  At 7th and 15th levels I would not get an infusion if I were branching out from Earth into another element, but I am, so no worries.  After I get pb shot, precise shot and toughness, I will continually take "extra wild talent" as a feat to get more infusions and utility powers. 

All of these powers have levels, like spell levels.  Except for 1st powers, which I could always take, I can only take a talent if my class level is at least double the talent's level.  With the feat, it is even worse, as I can only use that feat to take a talent that is two talent levels lower than the highest talent level I have (this is where branching out would have been better, but oh well).

Ok, so LG dwarf, god Torag, traits: Courageous and Birthmark.  Taken together they give me a poor person's version of iron will, and will is this class's bad save. 

There is a "trade talents for other talents" function similar to how sorcerers do that for spells, but I will ignore it - I think it is better for those who branch out, as you can only get a talent of equal or lower level for what you trade away.

Oh, I should mention that overflow - it gives bonuses to attack, damage, and physical stats based on how much burn one has taken.  Dwarves get more of a damage bonus when overflow is on.  It is nice, but too much burn means I would go unconscious that much sooner.

Omnikinesis is a capstone power: for a burn, I could blast any element and trade out my earth powers for other element's powers for 24 hours.  But it is at 20th level, and it is complicated enough to keep track of the earth powers, so I will ignore that too.

Oh, I will say that class skills are sweet!  They include Acrobatics, Perception, Stealth, and Use Magic Device.  My element adds Climb and Knowledge (Dungeoneering) to that.  4 skill points/level.

Talents and Feats:

1: Point Blank Shot
1: Extended Range (for 1 burn shoot 120' - form infusion)
2: Defense: Earth to Stone (free Dr/adamantine = 1/2 level, can pump up with burn)
2: Earth Walk (always on - ignore difficult earth/stone/rubble terrain, harder to be moved if overflow on)
3: Precise Shot
3: Kinetic Blade (makes melee weapon out of blast - a little less damage (no overflow or con bonus) and no Aoos, I can coup de grace with it - 1 burn form infusion)
4: Earth Climb (hey a climb speed!)
5: Toughness
5: Entangling Infusion (a 2 burn substance infusion - if you hit someone twice with it, then  they are stuck to the floor!)
6: Tremorsense (poor people's detect invisible - either free but doesn't last, or 1 burn for a decent duration).
7: Composite blast: Metal (more damage, needed for some substance infusions, but costs 2 burn!)
7: Rare Metal Blast (change blast to any metal type to beat any material DR!  You already have a choice of bludgeoning, piercing or slashing (you had that with Earth blast too)- only alignment or mythic DR can cause problems now).  Substance infusion, 2 burn and must be metal.
7: Kinetic cover (from WT feat - makes a flimsy cover but nice if you have time to set these up).
8: Shift Earth (move 5' block of earth or unworked stone - Bob the Builder would kill for this ability).
9: Magnetic Blast (if you hit, then everyone using metal weapons or blasts gets +4 to hit victim until the end of next round!)  Substance infusion, 2 burn and must be metal.
9: feat - Skilled Kineticist (get bonuses to climb and know (dungeoneering) and can use later to identify earth elementals (though they are pretty easy to spot anyhow).
10: Earth Glide (burrow like an Earth elemental!  But I have to hold my breath for it, so not for too long at a time).
11: Wall (not solid but provides cover to those you put the wall on, as well as those trying to cross the wall).  Form infusion, 3 burn).
11: feat - Impale (a 30' line and if you keep penetrating the line keeps going up to the end.  Might go through some objects too).  Form infusion, 2 burn.
12: Ride the Blast (you get to travel to next to your blast's target!  Nice way to cross a battlefield).  Free, too.
13: Deadly Earth (area effect, but victims have to be standing on earth or stone (or if you use the composite blast, on metal).  Form infusion, 4 burn.
13: feat - Skilled Kineticist, Greater.  Get a bonus to a class skill (perception, of course) and add knowledge (planes) to class skills.
14: Shift Earth, Greater: You can basically cast Move Earth at will.  Bob the Builder would love this even more!
15: Fragmentation - Hit one guy, and then those around him save for collateral damage.  Form infusion, 4 burn.
15: feat: Stone Sculptor - Get Stone Shape at will - Ok, I am Bob the Builder.  I accept this.
16: Reverse Shift - Get Ethereal Jaunt.  Limited duration but nice - closest I will get to a fly speed.
17: Grappling Infusion - Tentacles that grapple - substance infusion with burn 3, but since it must be used with wall or deadly earth, this one is expensive!
17: feat - Snake (can sneak around cover to hit enemies you cannot see - useful if you have a wall or kinetic cover up previously).  Form infusion, 2 burn.
18: Seismic Master - Earthquake at will.  Because after you become Bob the Builder you sometimes need to become Bob the Destroyer of Cities.
19: Extreme Range - can shoot blast 480'.  Works nicely with Ride the Blast.  Form infusion, burn 2.
19: feat - Enduring Earth (doubles the duration of my earth talents if they are longer than one round - so Reverse Shift, Wall, Deadly Earth, the souped up Tremor Sense, Entangling infusion and maybe Magnetic Infusion (I think that going from "middle of your turn" to "end of your next turn" could count as more than one round, but others might not agree).
19: Choose on metakinesis power to get a 1 point discount.  If I choose the cheapest  (Empower) then it is free on all of my blasts, so yeah, why not?.  Especially since per the errata the empower modifies the total damage so gives more than maximize.
20: Tremor sense, greater - basically commune with nature but only in natural underground settings, and you can't detect woodland creatures or powerful unnatural creatures. Very situational, but it is thematic and frankly I am running out of things to take (anyhow, I get Omnikinesis at this level to technically I have access to all talents of all elements).  Since it is at will, I could see uses for it.

So how complicated is this character at 20th level?  Well, when blasting (assuming I don't use Omnikinesis) I need to choose Earth of Metal (the latter costs 1 burn with the discount), a form infusion and substance infusion (luckily my infusion discount is up to 6, so only Grappling Deadly Earth costs 1 burn), and how much metakinesis to put in (while empower is free, I could pay 2, 3 or 4 burn for maximize, quicken or double blasts - these call all be used together but the burn cost would be prohibitive).  I have a buffer of up to 3, but can only access that 1/talent.  Mainly I would gather power (move action 2, full round action 3, can do both for 5 if there is time).  I could accept up to 6 burn per round (+1 from the buffer) so that is a limit.  My total burn I could accept is still 3 + con bonus.  If I want to fill my buffer later, and want the maximum overflow bonus, I probably want a con of at least 24 (easily doable by level 20).  A high dex would be good too, as I want to actually hit opponents with non-area blasts.

I think the key is to see how far the discounts don't get you, even at level 20: Metal costs 1 burn, Maximize costs 2 burn, Quicken costs 3, and double blast costs 4.  Grappling Deadly Earth costs 1.  The buffer might mitigate the total cost by 1 but I can only do that 3 times before the buffer empties.  So if I want to use this stuff, I need to spend actions to gather power.  If my buffer is empty and I don't have time to gather power, however, I could still do empowered earth blasts (grappling wall or entangling with any form infusion) all days long.  That said, metal is great for damage so I would probably be at least using move actions to gather power for metal blasts once the buffer runs out).  And of course, most of the non-blast talents are free (I think tremor sense costs if I want duration, and flesh of stone could be increased for burn).
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I guess I should add some thoughts on what I didn't take and why:

Weapon Finesse would be a good feat, but I don't see the character as a primary or even secondary melee character so much as an emergency one.

Similarly, for that reason, I didn't take Kinetic Whip or Kinetic Form, for extra reach, although I could see a build going that way.

Not having any other defensive talents (since I didn't branch out of Earth), there is no good reason to take expanded defense.

Pushing infusion and Bowling infusion both are ok, but there were better options, especially as a medium BAB into my CMB makes it harder and harder for them to work.

Jagged flesh is far too situational, and I don't think I like the aesthetics.

Earth Meld (from Ultimate Intrigue) was outside of the books I wanted to look at for a first pass at the class.  Also, it duplicates a spell that makes its user vulnerable to multiple "Save or Die" spells that are only "Save or Die" because one is using Earth Meld.  I've been there with an illusionist using phantasmal killer a lot and getting it bounced back on me via a helm of intellect - I see no need to repeat the experience.

Draining Infusion and Elemental Grip are very narrow in their target group.

Kinetic Fist is far too low on damage and requires a feat to boot.  Flurry of blasts is also too low on damage.

Mobile Blast and Spark of Life both pretty much require a "move action tax" to be useful.  But you are already likely using move actions to gather power.  That said, there is a neat synergy between these and draining infusion if one wants a permanent mobile blast hanging around (but they are noisy!).

The one feat I almost bent on taking was Iron Will, since will is the low save for this class.  Hopefully the traits and being a dwarf (good save bonus plus wis stat bonus) compensate for not taking that feat.
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Not sure if I will play this one, but probably not.  Anyhow for Pathfinder - a bard with the archaeologist archetype, taking fate's favoured as a trait to boost the luck.  Also halfling race with the adaptive luck and swift footed switch outs.  After 5 levels, go into the assassin prestige class.  So very little sneak attack, but a better chance to hit with the death attack.  Btw, take the undetectable alignment spell at bard level 1 and cast it every single morning - not sense in advertising one's evil nature to the world, is there?

For feats, well weapon finesse is likely to be useful, and lingering performance helps stretch out the archaeologist abilities.  Go unnoticed is great for assassins that go invisible quickly (another bard spell - two actually with vanish and invisibility at spell levels 1 and 2).  Maybe eventually go for the childlike and pass for human feats too.  Arcane Strike might be ok after lingering performance, as it is a free +1/+2 damage for 2 out of 3 rounds, but there are probably better feats.

Anyhow, just an idea.  I'm not sure I want to play an evil character so it may never happen.
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I miss 3.5 D&D. I am in a Pathfinder campaign right now and it is close but they don't have things like the Crusader from Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords and they don't allow 3rd party products that mimick the same.

So as some kind of outlet, here we are:

"The White Raven"

LG Elf Crusader 10/Eternal Blade 10

Feats: 1. Extra Granted Maneuver, 3. White Raven Defense 6. Clarion Commander, 9. Weapon Focus (longsword probably - it is traditional for the elves and the white raven discipline), 12 - Martial Stance (Aura of Perfect Order), 15 Martial Stance (Immortal Fortitude), 18 - Leadership (usually a bit cheesy but at this level the full casters are rewriting reality so I don't feel guilty - besides, it makes sense for an Eternal Blade trying to restart the lost order).

Skills: Intimidate and Diplomacy at max. Spot, Listen and Search are nice to get, even as cross-class skills.

Maneuvres: Initially Crusader's Strike (swap out at 6th), Vanguard Strike, Stone Bones (swap out at 4th), Douse the Flames (swap out at 8th), Leading the Attack (swap out at 10th). 3: Tactical Strike. 4: Battle Leader's Charge. 5: White Raven Tactics. 6: Lion's Roar. 7: White Raven Strike. 8: Covering Strike. 9: Flanking Maneuver. 10: Radiant Charge. 11: Order Forged from Chaos. 13: Swarming Assault. 15: White Raven Hammer. 17: War Master's Charge. 19: Clarion Call.

(can get pretty good maneuvres through Eternal Blade's Eternal Training: Rallying Strike, Shield Counter, Diamond Defense and Strike of Righteous Vitality, for example).

Stances: 1: Leading the Charge, 2: Bolstering Voice, 8: Tactics of the Wolf, 15: Swarm Tactics (plus two from feats).

So, except for a necessary Stone Dragon maneuver at 1st (because there is nothing else to legally take) and a few Devoted Spirit Maneuvers (to meet prerequisites, and because I like certain stances), this is a White Raven build - probably works best with a large party that has lots of melee characters (warrior and rogue types). Another way to do "bard" I guess.
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Post by: Particle_Man on August 21, 2018, 11:48:21 am
I was giving someone else advice on a character they could play in Pathfinder and then realized "Hey wait a second, that would be cool for *me* to play!" so here is the advice I gave (they wanted a character that could be a dex warrior type and kobold was one of the races they would consider playing):

"You might want to try the kobold. They are flexible. I would suggest an unchained rogue, as you get weapon finesse for free and also can add dex to the damage of a finesse weapon.

So you could go unchained rogue 3/fighter 4 (for weapon specialization in your finesse weapon, likely a rapier). Then go for the duellist prestige class. So you would need the feats dodge and mobility for that.

Maybe: level 1Rogue (dodge), level 3 Rogue (mobility), level 4 fighter 1 (w. focus rapier), level 5 fighter 2 (improved initiative), draconic aspect, level 7 fighter 4 (w. spec rapier), draconic glide, then at 9th take draconic breath and at 11th take draconic paragon (hey, you can fly!).   Making favoured class fighter helps with sneak attack damage.

After that you could take critical focus at 13th, tiring critical at 15th and exhausting critical at 17th. Then maybe improved critical at 19th if you don't have a keen rapier by then (if you do, merciless precision might be nice if allowed by the DM; Wind stance would also be nice for when you are flying). Your class levels at 18th to 20th could be whatever you wish; I don't know how high level you are going to go.




There are class archetypes you can take for fighter and unchained rogue, and racial modifications you can make to the kobold but you may want to keep it simple for your first go round. But that said, weapon master for fighter is a solid choice and gliding for kobold is thematic. Whether you take an archetype for rogue depends on how much you like trapfinding, I guess.

This build needs dexterity and intelligence (both to use duellist abilities and to speak common). You might want to shore up con too as the kobold hurts in that department.

You could modify yourself after the heroic and noble kobold Yokyok that tried (and of course failed) to take out Belkar and avenge his father.


Edit: If you make it that far levels 18 to 20 could be shadowdancer after you finish the ten levels of duellist.

What else, traits could be killer and blood of dragons (bonus vs sleep and paralysis stacks with that gains from kobold feats). Bleeding critical is a nice rogue talent at first (although pressure points (a ninja trick that rogues can use as a talent) might be more thematic).. After that there is one that lets your buddy get an attack when you miss. Assault leader, that was it.  Actually now that I think about it, maybe Assault Leader at level 2 and Pressure Points at level 20 (levels 17 - 20 are when you start using the Duelist strength/dex damage anyhow)."  On the other hand, Multitalented might complement Assault Leader nicely.
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Pathfinder Paladins are fun.  Pathfinder Antipaladins are cartoonishly stupid.  I can’t imagine playing the standard model.  Thank goodness (evilness?) for archetypes.

First, there is the Tyrant archetype from Pathfinder Intrigue.  This one is nice because, first, it switches alignment from Chaotic Evil to Lawful Evil, which is much more cohesive for most groups.  Second, the Tyrant is allowed to do actions that seem to be good, so long as they ultimately serve the Tyrant’s ends (to gain power over others).  As many adventurers are in it for money and power, and as one could often argue that doing heroic seeming actions are a great way to earn a reputation that one can later use to further one’s ends, this is an antipaladin that can work with most parties.  You also get the diplomacy skill.

There is still the problem of some of the antipaladin abilities.  Some of them are useful in combat, some might be useful otherwise (Detect Good is a useful way to find people that might help others, which is helpful to know at least).  Smite Good is unlikely to come up, though.

Enter a second archetype form Pathfinder Wilderness: Blight Myrmidon.  They replace Smite Good with Smite Nature (so animals, plants, vermin, elementals, fey, shifters, and those with levels in druid, ranger or hunter).  This works against any alignment (handy since most animals, plants and vermin are neutral).  I can work with that.

Now there is a slight complication as both archetypes replace the second choice of the divine bond (critter buddy) which is a no-no when one combines archetypes.  However, so long as I choose the first option of the divine bond (awesome weapon boost) there is no conflict and so I could take both archetypes.

Now what to do with feats:  I see this character as a political animal, so I could actually see going for skill-boosters for things like bluff, diplomacy, intimidate and sense motive.  I imagine Leadership would be a good one to take at the end.  But to be honest I haven’t fleshed that out that much yet.  I am just ruminating over an actually playable antipaladin at this point.

I could see this guy either worshipping Abadar (and going a bit *too* far with the whole "tame the wilderness and build cities!" schtick) or straight up following Asmodeus (the classic deal with the devil for power).

There are still some issues.  That evil aura is going to be very noticeable to those that detect such things, so a paladin/antipaladin party is unlikely, to say the least.  But I think this character could work with most parties, assuming they accept evil characters at all.  At least this one is not kicking puppies to bump up the evil meter, and can help old ladies across the street (if it would prove useful to one's final plans).

I just realized that this guy would be the kind of privileged jerk that would wear gold dragon hide armour. “A gift from a relative; the dragon probably died of old age or something.  Hey, you don't seem to care about the cow when you ate roast beef yesterday!”
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Going back to 3.5 and my beloved Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, I think there is some nice room for a low-power "rule of cool" ninja type.  So let's see where this goes:

Swordsage 1/Monk 2/Swordsage 2/Setting Sun Ninja 10/Swordsage 2/Paladin 3.  Human, LG.

Ok, what does this give one?  Well picking the right swordsage manoeuvres via class features and feats allows one to overcome one of the major problems with monks: How to move up to an opponent and flurry of attack them in the same round.  The monk bonus feats I would go for would be Stunning Fist and Deflect Arrows (the first one almost never works but it is great when it does; the second is just cool and my hands would be free anyhow).  SSN levels (aside from enabling some weird abilities) allow monk advancement so my unarmed damage goes up (and I get the two extra attacks a monk gets at 11th level).  The feat Ascetic Knight at level 18 allows the paladin levels to stack for unarmed damage (hey, why not!).  If I find a monk's belt it gets better too!  I don't get the 9th level manoeuvres, but for this character, I don't want the Big Strikes - I am more about the flurry.  Note: I can only use one Stance at a time, and the other manoeuvres are spend in combat like spells.

So feats:

H: Adaptive Style (all swordsages need this - I can spend a full round to get my Manoeuvres back and can change them around)
1: Extra Readied Manoeuvre (one more "spell prepared").
3: Martial Stance (Flame's Blessing) (I love fire resistance/immunity)
6: Martial Stance (Dance of the Spider) (hey spider climb!)
9: Martial Stance (Leap of the Dragon) (all jumps are running jumps and I get +10 feet on them!)
12: Martial  Study (Pouncing Charge) - I can charge and full attack if I spend this one.
15: Martial Study (Inferno Blade) - adds extra fire damage to my attacks the round I spend it.
18: Ascetic Knight

Stances (in addition to above feats):
1: Step of the Wind (ignore rough terrain - small bonus to those in it)
4: Child of Shadow (concealment when moving)
10: Step of the Dancing Moth (slow movement over water, lava, etc., slightly above ground)
17: Balance on the Sky (walk on air)

Manoeuvres (note: not all are available each combat, kinda like how a wizard uses a subset of spells in their book for what they know that day):

1: Wolf Fang Strike (only useful at 1st level, but hey, two attacks!)
1: Sudden Leap (jump as swift action - nice combo with flurry)
1: Counter Charge (ruin opponent's charge)
1: Burning Blade (fire damage on blows)
1: Distracting Ember (free flanker)
1: Shadow Blade Technique (useful at 1st - two tries on one attack and extra damage if both tries succeed)
4: Cloak of Deception (invisible for your turn)
5: Baffling Defense (sense motive as AC vs. an attack)
6: Feigned Opening (provoke Aoo, either you get one or your allies do (your party is your flurry this time!))
8: Shadow Garotte (ranged touch attack because I can't fly)
11: Mirrored Pursuit (enemy leaves, you follow)
14: Shadow Blink (50' teleport as swift action - need line of sight and effect, but wow!)
16: Raging Mongoose (2 extra attacks)
16: Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip (extra damage based on number of successful hits on the target that round)
17: One with Shadow (become incorporeal for one round).

So I start with only 5 available manoeuvres and that eventually increases to 9.  My BAB eventually gets to 14 (so not great but ok).  My saves are amazing.  This is not a powerhouse by any means but could be fun to play. 
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Still loving the Tome of Battle.  The Ruby Knight Vindicator is a very cool prestige class, but I want to get away from cleric for a while so let's use Paladin as a base:

I am thinking of a character that would be assigned to a Cleric of Wee Jas in a PC party, as servant and bodyguard. So I will avoid stepping on the cleric's toes with a Vindicator build that ends up with a cleric's 9th spell level slots in their own right. 

I will assume that there are long-standing legal agreements in place that exempt paladins of Wee Jas from obeying any orders from the clergy that would violate the paladin's oaths, and that a cleric of Wee Jas would know this. With that presumably well-known caveat in place, the character would be there to serve the cleric, protect her and her companions, follow her orders, and, of course, be cool. 

I am taking some "kewl powers" (Cute little fire elemental for flanking! Immunity to Fire! Budget teleportation! Awesomesauce saving throws!). I am also trying for a "lockdown on a budget" build.  This is trying to stop the bad guys from getting past me and hitting squishier party members.

So I guess part of what I am looking for is whether I have built the character legally, and understood how it works appropriately. And of course, I post this partly to bore you all by telling you about my character.   

Ok, here goes:

Human Paladin 1 - 4. Max out Know (religion), Intimidate, and (painfully) Hide (cross-class). Try for Diplomacy too if possible (I would love to be a polite servant, almost butler-level polite).

Feats: 1, H: Combat Reflexes, Stand Still. Try to get armour spikes and then a martial reach weapon of some sort. Brother, can you spare a potion of Enlarge Person? 3: Martial Study: Distracting Ember (I will name her Sparky) (Initiator level 1). Since I pick this up before getting a level in Crusader, it would only be used once per encounter. On the plus side, it would not take up a slot of the Crusader's readied manoeuvres. I would start buying a little Tumble if I can do so and still meet the prerequisites of the prestige class. It would only be useable when I am out of armour (town encounters, night encounters, etc.) but I have my reasons; see below.

Crusader 1 (at 5th). Initiator level 3. I would probably use only 2nd level Maneuvers here, avoiding the Shield one because I am going for that reach weapon which is likely two-handed. So, Foe Hammer, Mountain Hammer, Stone Vise, Battle Leader's Charge, and Tactical Strike, for Maneuvers, and Iron Guard's Glare for the stance (so a little lock-downish with the stance and Stone Vise). Again Tumble would be nice.

Ruby Knight Vindicator 1 - 10 (Character level 6th - 15; Initiator level 4 - 13). First Stance: Child of Shadow (nice default one when not in combat). Second Stance: Thicket of Blades (better late than never). Manoeuvres: Defensive Rebuke, Divine Surge, Shadow Stride, Crushing Vise, Ancient Mountain Hammer (I thought about Death in the Dark but that didn't seem really paladinesque, somehow). Keep up that Tumble!

Feats: 6: Extra Granted Maneuver (Crusader love!). 9: Extra Turning (RKV love!). 12: Robilar's Gambit (Lock-down love!). 15: Martial Stance: Flame's Blessing (see, those ranks in Tumble finally pay off, I can turn on fire resistance 20 and in one level I can turn on fire immunity if I chose this stance!).

Crusader 2 - 6 (Character level 16 - 20; Initiator level 14 - 18). Stance: Aura of Perfect Order (also a good default stance out of combat, if I don't mind being flashy). Manoeuvres: 17: White Raven Tactics, 18: White Raven Hammer (replace Foe Hammer), 19: Strike of Righteous Vitality, 20: Mountain Tombstone Strike (replace Stone Vise). Getting some armour that is enchanted to give bonuses to hide and move silently couldn't hurt.

Feat 18: Martial Study: Diamond Defense (+16 (and more later!) to a saving throw? Please and thank you!).

Paladin Spells: Bless Weapon, ???. I dunno. I am tempted to fill the spell slots with nothing but Bless Weapon, frankly. Wands would be nice too.

So I think I end up with Distracting Ember (1x/encounter) and then Moutain Tombstone Strike, Strike of Righteous Vitality, White Raven Hammer, White Raven Tactics, Diamond Defense, Crushing Vise and Shadow Stride as my 7 readied manoeuvres qua Crusader, although the other manoeuvres see use during the character's career.

Magic Items: No real firmed up ideas aside from my scattered thoughts above. I mean, I would not say no to a Holy Avenger.
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Stepping away from my comfort zone a little, I thought of a spellcaster.  In particular an Arcane Hierophant (basically a wizard/druid).  If I go into it with three levels of wizard (with a bat familiar at first) and druid and two levels of mystic theurge, then 10 levels of AH, then two more levels of MT, I would be able to get 9th level wizard and druid spells at level 20.  I think a grey elf would be appropriate for this - they love nature and take the long view of things, and the int bonus doesn't hurt either.  So generously giving myself a 32 heroic point buy, I would start with str 6, dex 10, con 6, int 20, wis 18 and chr 8 character.  So not a front-line character.  I would not get wild shape until level 10 and thus take the natural spell feat at level 12, and it would be 5 levels behind (eventually 7 levels behind) that of a single-classed druid.  My animal companion would be similarly behind, but it would also gain familiar intelligence and abilities, which is a nice touch (I think I would get an owl, partially to avoid the temptation to buff my animal companion instead of my fellow pcs).  For feats, I figure I would get practiced spellcaster (druid) at level 1 (taking two levels of druid first, then wizard), then practiced spellcaster (wizard) at level 3 (oh and I would take the elf racial generalist wizard substitution level - no banned schools here!), and then use some feats from the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords (it is not just for martials!).  At 6th level I could take Martial Study (Action Before Thought) so that I could as an immediate action substitute a Concentration check for a Reflex save once per encounter - with my bad save and low hp, that could be a lifesaver!).  At 15th level, I would similarly take Martial Study (Mind Over Body) to get the same substitution for a Fortitude Save.  At 18th level I would take Martial Stance: Hearing the Air to get Blindsense 30' and +5 listen (thus finally learning the "way of the bat" of my original familiar).  Since it would be my only stance, I could have it always on while conscious.  And elves don’t sleep!  As for 9th level, I think that Magic of the Land would be thematically appropriate to indicate my arrival as an arcane hierophant.

So thematically this is a character that is a little like Merlin, but wimpier.  I can help buff others and do other such magical things, but I would need to stay in the back away from the fray with my low hp.  But that could fit some campaigns.  If there were other spellcasters I could take over the spells that they were unwilling to cast or help double up on spells they felt the party needed a lot of.  I don't think I would steal the spotlight of a pure caster as they would usually have access to higher level magic.

While I don't think that the pure power up is necessary if a DM allows for the domain wizard option I think the abjuration domain would work.  Using magic as a natural protective force seems fitting.  And a bonus caster level to dispel magic can't hurt.  :)

Similarly, if flaws were allowed I could take both shaky and noncombatant in order to take natural bond and improved initiative as additional feats.  But I wouldn't worry about it if flaws were not allowed.

Hmm, the owl is practically its own character.  I guess the extra feats could be fly-by attack (for delivering touch spells), hover, and wingover (for cool flying).  Skills would be spot, listen and move silently, but given that the owl doesn't get int of 10 or 12 until much later, most of its career it will eek out a small number of skill points that probably are best spread between spot and listen (with a one-point favor to spot when they are not even).  On second thought maybe I would max out move silent and just run with it. Gotta keep the scout safe!  Also the owl could have white feathers and yellow eyes to match the silver hair and amber eyes of the grey elf.

Now, what stalls this (aside from 3.5 not being in vogue these days - Pathfinder comes close but isn't quite the same) for me is that this is a lot of spell slots to keep track of!  That said, it is oddly less paperwork than a single-classed druid in one way - I rarely would drop a spell for Summon Nature's Ally as they would be so weak.  Similarly, I would not use a combat wildshape form, but more stealth forms, so that leaves out some stat blocks to write. 

I guess what got me on this kick was looking at a Master of Nine build and realizing that it could get complicated enough (20 maneuvers known with three base classes in there) that I might as well go full on spellcaster and be done with it.
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Another one from you guessed it, 3.5. The Wu Jen 9/ Crusader 1/ Jade Phoenix Mage 10.  Thematic, but tricky to fit together.  First, the JPM ability to turn a spell into extra melee damage is a swift action, as are many maneuvers and the Jpm quicken spell ability so that is a competition for that action slot.  That can be worked around with some planning.  But crusaders have armor proficiencies but no way to get around the wu Jen arcane spell failure chance, and Jpm abilities favour melee attacks.  The answer for me is to spam spell secret (and use feats to get more of them) and always pick still spell. That gets me eight stilled spells that don’t have to occupy a higher level slot. In addition take sudden still and sudden maximize at first level (and as a human might as well take guardian spirit).

For maneuvers I would specialize and take only devoted spirit stances and maneuvers; this is more a matter of personal taste than anything else. It is nice that the two maneuvers requiring a shield are there, given that I would use shield and armor.  Specialize in fire on the wu Jen side and we are good to go!  A teetotaler vegetarian who never cuts their hair. Probably chaotic good.
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Another evil character.  Let's take it as read that d20 assassins are terrible, and that Pathfinder makes them worse by taking away their spells.  Nevertheless . . .

I would start with Bard 5 because bards get the undetectable alignment spell, which is handy if I should end up in a "good guy" party.  Also, it gives me something to do that helps the party without putting me at risk (singing to help others!  Who doesn't love that?  Plus, singing helps with bluff and sense motive once I hit bard 2 for generic bards).  Then 10 levels of Assassin, followed by 5 of Master Spy (purely to increase the DC of the Death Attack of the Assassin).

If allowed I would take the "brazen deceiver" archetype for bard from the Pathfinder Adventurer's Guide but generic bard works too.

For the race, I would take Sylph.  They have good racial feats, bonuses to dex and int (great for assassins!) and darkvision.  I would take some of the alternate racial features to get 35' movement (like the wind), a slight AC bonus vs. ranged weapons and once/day trip (breeze kissed) and +4 to stealth (whispering wind).

For feats, I would go for Weapon Finesse, Airy Step, Cloud Gazer (you never know when that could be useful), Ability Focus (death attack) (a bit cheesy but Sylphs are technically monsters), Wings of Air (I can fly at will!), Inner Breath (I don't need to breathe), Iron Will, Deceitful (I need them for the Master Spy prestige class), Dastardly Finish (for extra opportunities for the occasional coup de gras), and Shadow Strike (even though darkness and fog are not problems, the occasional blur spell can be).  I would not take the racial feat Elemental Jaunt because it seems like a one-way ticket to the Plane of Air, emphasis on one-way.  If it could allow a return journey it would be a much more desirable feat.

For alignment, probably LE.  Traits are still up for grabs.
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To be honest, I am not sure I would *want* to play the next one, but it was an interesting concept so I thought I would add it:

3.5 (again!) human LG monk 2/swordsage 3/shadow sun ninja 2/shadowdancer 3/shadow sun ninja 8/swordsage 2.

1) It has two classes with the word "shadow" in them, so some cool points there.
2) Mainly though, the SSN has this odd ability to alternate doing negative energy damage (healing undead) and next round healing (through positive energy) whatever damage they did.  Now Shadowdancer 3 (at character level 10) gets an LG shadow (undead!) as a companion.  So between fights, if the shadow is still around (not destroyed) that is pretty much total hp healing for the entire party at no cost.  Score!

So for feats (some as prereqs): 1. Improved Unarms Strike (free), 1. Stunning Strike (free), 1. Dodge (human), 1. Combat reflexes. 2. Deflect Arrows (free), 3. Adaptive Style (a feat tax on swordsages), 6. Mobility, 9. Extra Readied Maneuver, 12. Shadow Blade, 15. Weapon Finesse, 18. Blade Meditation.

Stances: 3. Flame's Blessing, 4.Step of the Wind, 13. Step of the Dancing Moth, 20. Balance on the Sky.

Maneuvers: 3. Shadow Blade Technique, 3. Mighty Throw (prereq), 3. Sapphire Nightmare Blade, 3. Burning Blade, 3. Distracting Ember, 3. Stone Bones (replaced at 19). 4. Cloak of Deception, 5. Shadow Jaunt, 6. Shadow Garrotte, 11. Strength Draining Strike, 14. Shadow Noose, 17. Shadow Blink, 19. One with Shadow, 19. Enervating Shadow Strike (replaces Stone Bones), 20. Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike (almost worth it for the name alone!).

So not a strong build, but a sneaky one that can help the shadow drain strength, can attack at range if needed, can teleport around a bit, and can do the shadow sun ninja stuff.  I could give up Deflect Arrows for Combat Reflexes, take Mobility early and then take Superior Unarmed Strike for more unarmed damage too.

Anyhow, not my usual style but could be cool.  Especially for a level 10 one shot. 
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I know that Stonechild is underpowered (that +4 LA hurts!) and that Master of Nine is very feat-costly for what it gives you, and that Crusader is not the easy way into that prestige class.

Nonetheless, I felt I should try.   :)

So, the race does have  a few things that help here: The Int bonus is useful because you need 40 ranks of skills as well as the feats.  Speaking of feats, the "Favoured Class: Fighter" is useful because 6 levels of fighter gets me the feats I need (plus, Martial Study counts as a fighter bonus feat).

So with Stonechild (6 if monster class, 2 and +LA 4 if not),Fighter 6 (taking the Martial Study feat three times before . . .), Crusader 1 (Hey, I get Thicket of Blades!), Master of Nine 5, and then 2 or 3 levels of Crusader (depending on whether or not LA buy off is allowed), I can make an interesting albeit subpar character.  I could even throw in the feats Stand Still, Combat Reflexes, and Extra Granted Maneuver.  So a semi-lockdown build (I could take Crushing Vise too).

I would end up with 13 readied maneuvers (10 from Crusader, and 3 "1x/encounter" ones from the Martial Study feats).  I would make sure I got the Flame's Blessing stance in case I ever felt the urge to take a lava bath or something.   ;D

With a 32 point buy I would probably go: Str 16 (to 24), Dex 14, Con 16 (to 24), Int 14 (to 16), Wis 8 (well it is foolish to go for Master of Nine), and Chr 8 (to 6).

It can be done, if one is willing to pay the price!   ;)

Maneuvers known would include:

Martial Study: Wind Stride (at 3rd), Moment of Perfect Mind (at 3rd), Counter Charge (at 4th).
Crusader/Mo9: Thicket of Blades (stance), Mountain Hammer, Stone Vise, Revitalizing Strike, Tactical Strike, White Raven Tactics, Iron Heart Surge, Disarm Strike, Flame's Blessing (stance), Emerald Razor, Claw at the Moon, Lightning Recovery, Hearing the Air (stance), Shadow Stride, Pouncing Charge, Death from Above, Aura of Perfect Order (stance), Crushing Vise. 

Then maybe: Ancient Mountain Hammer at level 20 if LA buyoff is allowed, giving up White Raven Tactics (not ideal, but there is not much room for giving up anything else). 
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Got another idea for my favourite sub-optimal 3.5 prestige class, the Green Star Adept.

This one would be the LN totally devoted son of an LE green dragon mother (his father was a half-ogre, a former servant of her that was set to betray her to some adventurers, and thus was eaten while the boy was young).  She is reasonably satisfied with his loyalty, but partly to restrict his sorcerous abilities and partly to see what happens, has ordered him to seek out and consume the comet dust that makes one into the Green Star Adept (from Complete Arcane).  He obeys his mother without question.

So, stat-wise, I am looking at half-dragon (green) half-ogre (races of destiny other half-human).  This gives the character an LA of +5!  I would take three levels of the half-dragon paragon class from Unearthed Arcana (I need the hp!) and then two levels of sorcerer, and then go for GSA for the last 10 levels.  With a generous 32 point buy I would start out with Str 28 (+14), Dex 12 (-2), Con 14 (+4), Int 14, Wis 14, Chr: 14.  Improve str twice and (just to avoid a penalty) dex once.

I am not sure about spell choice yet, although Repair Serious Damage is obvious for a third level spell.  I might even take Craft Wand! 

Speaking of feats, I need Combat Casting and Multi-Attack (and Improved Multi-Attack) would be a good idea.  Hover is cool.  And there is a feat that gives you a secondary tail attack if you take it at chargen (called Dragon Tail).  So I guess that is my six feats (I don't get the 7th feat pre-epic due to the +5 Level Adjustment).

Thematically it can work:  There is a reason for the character to take a suboptimal prestige class, Green Half-Dragon adn Green Star Adept have a symmetry, a 14 con and large size means that losing my con score at level 15 (ECL 20) will not change my hp negatively.  And both the paragon class and GSA increases sorcerer caster level so I would end up having a familiar as a 2nd level sorcerer (probably a weasel for a dex save), spells known and spell slots as a 7th level sorcerer, and a caster level of a 15th level sorcerer.

As a large character I would have a fly speed of 60.  I would also end up with a claw/claw/bite/slam/slam natural attack routine, which is needed since my final BAB will be +9.

So this is not a powerhouse character.  Could be a fun one though.  I could either use natural attacks or fly up and throw javelins from a distance, as needed.   I also can more easliy get spot, listen, move silently and hide (ok, not so great for large creatures) because of the paragon class.

Languages: Common, Draconic, Giant, and, Goblin perhaps?  Maybe the goblins were the followers of his half-orge dad.

Reasons not to play:  Well this character can't even exist until level 6, and then will have a mere 14 hp (perhaps I should get the toad as familiar to bring that up to 17?), so that lets out a lot of introductory adventures.  Plus 3.5 is not as popular as Pathfinder and/or 5e in my neck of the woods.  And this character is very low-powered so might actually be a drag on the party.  I am not sure of that, mind you.  That would be better tested in play.

But thematically, I like the cool factor.  A flying green stone dragon biped.
Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on May 22, 2019, 10:25:17 pm
The soulborn does not resonate with most people as it gets its incarnum powers too late.  But the elf substitution levels for soulborn are another story.  The first two levels give one an option for ranged smite, and also immunity to paralysis and charms.  Combine this with three levels of the paladin of freedom (CG) and you also get immunity to disease and compulsions.  Not too shabby!  I would round it out with two levels of warblade, three levels of crusader and then 10 levels of eternal blade, myself.  There would be a few levels where you have a -20% xp penalty but only twice (or not at all if you take the paladin levels and the third crusader level last, but then the maneuvers/stances won't be as good, so I would go for the former option).

So soulborn (elf) 2/paladin of freedom 3/warblade 3/crusader 2/eternal blade 10

The eternal blade could get Diamond Defense (19), Avalanche of Blades (17), War Leader's Charge (15), Iron Heart Focus (13), and Lightning Recovery (11), plus a "floating Diamond Mind or Devoted Spirit Maneuver".  Also the Hearing the Air Stance.

All of that would require: Weapon Focus, 2 Diamond Mind Maneuvers, 2 Iron Heart Maneuvers, 2 White Raven Maneuvers.  Quite doable between the Warblade and Crusader.

The Crusader's 2nd stance would be Thicket of Blades (so at least one devoted spirit maneuver also needed).  I would also use feats to buy more maneuvers, like Crushing Vise, Shadow Blink, and possibly Distracting Ember (so as to get the Flame's Blessing stance - being resistant and eventually immune to fire is nice!).

Feats could be stand still, mage slayer, martial study , weapon focus, martial stance, martial study, martial study.  Buy everything up to 14 before racial adjustments except dex if 32 point buy.

Title: Re: A character I probably won't get to play
Post by: Particle_Man on December 27, 2021, 03:12:25 pm
I think I am the only person who still posts here.  I wonder if I am the only person who still visits here?  Anyhow, I had another idea for The White Raven.  My current 3.5 DM doesnt allow The Book of Nine Swords, alas.  Also, this character is designed more for a group of warrior and rogue types that the usual mixed group with spell casters in it.  Anyhow the idea is an elf crusader 10 (that name has not aged well!)/eternal blade 10 (I would rename the character class as eternal blade apprentice 10/ eternal blade 10 nowadays). Chaotic good.  For feats: 1: extra granted maneuver, 3. White raven defense 6. Clarion commander 9. Weapon focus (whatever I am using but hopefully some white raven weapon). 12. Martial stance (press the advantage) 15 devoted bulwark 18 Faith unswerving.  If I use the array I get str 15 (improve every 4 levels), dex 8 (becomes 10), con 14 (becomes 12), int 12, wis 10, chr 13.  Most dms would be a little more generous but it is a good baseline.  With that int I could at first max out knowledge (religion and history), ride, diplomacy and intimidate) and keep maxing out the latter three skills once I hit eternal blade.  The extra knowledge skills from my blade guide could be for arcana, nature, planes, psionic a and dungeoneering, in that order.

For stances I plan to take every single white raven stance, starting with bolstering voice.  The 12th level feat helps there.  As for the rest:

1: crusaders strike*, vanguard strike, charging Minotaur *, douse the flames *, leading the attack.
3. Tactical strike. 4. Battle leaders charge *. 5. White raven tactics. 6.revitalizing strike. 7. White raven strike. 8. Covering strike. 9. Flanking maneuver. 10. Radiant charge. 11. Order forged from chaos. 13. Swarming assault. 15. White raven hammer. 17. War masters charge. 19. Strike of righteous vitality.

The floating maneuver would likely be diamond defense when I could get it. Before that perhaps shield counter or rallying strike.  At level 17-8 possibly strike of righteous vitality.

Alignment CG.  I was thinking the regular high elf (with a gray elf for the blade guide) but that is not fixed in stone.  Anyhow,  I likely wont get to play it but then again I said that about some other characters here and am playing those (notably the sapphire Hierarch now) so maybe someone is reading these message boards after all.